Behind Our FMCP Charge Station

To best facilitate battery swapping, each cart should be equipped with two battery pockets, and the facility should be equipped with Charge Stations (CS). Each of these CC will simultaneously support two battery packs. Each cart will exchange batteries at the CC by...

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Hospital Employees: Are Your Mobile Cart Batteries Safe?

Today’s Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2016, features an article on Samsung’s woes with exploding batteries inside their Note7 cell phone. WSJ also reports that the Note7 has been banned from US flights. Glad you don’t have an Note7? If your a nurse, doctor,...

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SOCI II State of the Art Charge Indicator

The new Scott-Clark SOCI II Indicator puts users in touch with battery operations. We recognized a problem with charged batteries at the point of care that wasn’t being addressed by local action or remote monitoring software. SOCI II was designed to help users....

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Bar Coded Medication Authentication

A recent release from NORC at the University of Chicago notes that in the brief period 2013 through 2015, medication costs for in-patients in the U.S. increased at over 23% per year. This increase highlights the need for careful medication administration. Leading CIS...

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