Advanced Medical Cart Rechargeable Battery

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Any medical facility knows the importance of having access to various technologies and the ability to move them where needed. Medical carts are the backbone of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and many more, but they can be surprisingly cumbersome if not well-designed.

Medical cart rechargeable batteries often have significant weaknesses. Some aren’t strong enough to last a full shift, meaning that nurses and other staff are forced to interrupt their work to keep their cart’s equipment running. Others may last a full shift, but if a battery change is needed during the next shift, the cart can’t receive a new battery without an interruption to power. The resulting shutdown of computers and other systems can interfere with patient care at critical moments.

Advanced medical cart rechargeable batteries also must be user-friendly. Heavy replacement batteries or complicated connection systems are a burden to nurses and doctors. Users with small hands may struggle with bulky batteries, and even stronger users may not be able to troubleshoot battery problems.

Advanced Medical Cart

Developing a truly user-friendly and high-quality rechargeable battery for medical carts hasn’t been a priority for some developers, but we’ve made it happen. Our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System delivers the power you need to adapt to any situation. It can be retrofitted to existing carts, making it an economical option for facilities that have recently updated their carts. The batteries last for years without losing charging power, so they’re an efficient investment that will save your facility money and time.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we know the ins and outs of hospital and clinic needs better than anyone. Our medical carts, batteries and other accessories are designed to optimize your staff and patient experience. We don’t cut corners in our products - we deliver the combination of technology and durability you need to make your facility run as smoothly as possible.

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