Battery Powered Carts

Using a cart in a lab, hospital, clinic or industrial environment can be a great way to keep your work close-by and save time walking back and forth between locations. In the modern workplace, that normally means holding on to an IT solution at all times. In these cases, you’ll need battery powered carts to hold and operate your mobile workstation as you move it around your workplace.

We are proud to offer a patented flexible mobile cart power technology system, with a range of options that we can cater to your desired hardware and usage goals. If you require long battery-life, that’s no problem; fast charging? We can make it happen; Swap-out batteries – we’ll take care of it. What’s important to us is delivering a mobile IT or storage solution that meets your expectations and helps you to hit your targets.

Convenient Power Options For Carts

Battery Powered Carts

If you’re already familiar with operating battery powered carts or unsure about how they will work in practice, here are some reasons our offerings could improve your everyday practices:

  • We make use of Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology – This means the batteries for your carts are compatible with a range of modern medical equipment that requires power. This will save the inconvenience of stifling and awkward battery management.
  • Swapping batteries is easy – By offering hot-swap options, to change batteries without shutting down, you don’t need to waste a minute when you’re trying to focus on patient care or another task at work.
  • The information you need, in your hands – A state-of-the-art charge and battery health indicator let you know how long you have left, so you’re never caught unprepared and out of juice.

Other Helpful Features

Battery Powered Carts

We fit our carts with the ability to adjust heights as standard, so you can use your battery powered carts comfortable, even when they change hands regularly. Our carts also include great wireless networking technology, so you’re always in touch with your systems, no matter where you are in the building.

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