Battery Powered Mobile Workstations

Wired workstations can sometimes be a hazard in the operating room. For example, it’s difficult to reposition them quickly or worse; they can lose power because of a power surge. The battery-powered mobile workstation can help to prevent these issues by offering greater flexibility, mobility, and security.

How battery power solves problems

In today’s fast-paced hospitals, it is sometimes necessary to switch operation rooms or to travel around the facility with the patient. With a battery powered mobile workstation, the doctor can have access to essential information and equipment while the patient is being transported from one room to another.

Moreover, the station can easily be positioned where needed in the room without needing to worry about the wire. Thus, the station offers the flexibility to adjust to the needs of the operator and other healthcare employees in the room.

Finally, in case there is a power surge at the hospital, rather than relying on the hospital’s power generator, a battery powered mobile workstation offers greater security because it remains operational, which in some cases can save lives.

Mobile Workstations

More features of an effective mobile workstation

This battery powered mobile workstation offers all the benefits of a regular portable workstation, with good brakes, customizability, and the ability to hold valuable equipment. However, true portability and flexibility are only achieved with a battery powered workstation and its portable carts. Therefore, it is no surprise these workstations have shown to be especially useful in the emergency room where equipment needs to adjust to the patient’s needs quickly and in areas where power surges are common.

Battery Powered Mobile Workstations

A provider of the best workstation

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