What Peripheral Options Are Available for Medical Carts

      Daily nursing procedures certainly have come a long way since the clipboard hanging at the foot of the bed. Now that medical carts have become more multifunctional as mobile workstations, the demand for peripheral options has dramatically increased. Modern hospitals...

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      The Push And Pull of Medical Cart Ergonomics

      For a few decades, differing opinions have existed over whether medical carts do improve the ergonomics of the medical field and its workforce. The purpose of their initial introduction into the medical arena was to enable hospital staff to take the nurse's...

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      Refurbished Medical Carts as Efficient as New Models

      When it comes to medical equipment, refurbished models are often just as effective and of the same quality as new models and can be far more affordable. For a hospital looking to upgrade its fleet of medical carts to a newer, faster model, the cost-efficient option...

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      Medical Care and Mobile Computing at Your Fingertips

      The medical field is ever-evolving to lower costs, increase efficiency, improve patient experience, and to increase the quality of care. The way patient information is stored and recorded is no exception. Most medical providers have implemented mobile computing to...

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      How Medical Carts Optimize Workflow and Productivity

      The creation of mobile medical carts, over the course of the last ten years, has helped to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Ever since authorities have begun to mandate that patient information be stored electronically, mobile medical carts have improved...

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      How Are Mobile Work Stations Used in Healthcare?

      Put simply; mobile work stations are the efficient replacement for the standard, stationary work desk with its desktop computer. Mobile work stations are the wave of the future for healthcare, in large part because they are revolutionizing the way that healthcare is...

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      A Guide to Medical Cart Mobile Power Systems

      Medical Cart Mobile Power Systems have transformed the healthcare industry. Hospital employees can use medical carts without having to worry about searching for an electrical outlet. Doctors, nursing staff, and other employees find medical carts more accessible,...

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      Medical Cart POP: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

      In the realm of healthcare, mobile cart technology is quickly becoming the standard in the patient room. There are a variety of carts for a variety of purposes, ranging from “crash” carts for emergencies to basic supply carts that allow for easy transportation between...

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      Frequently Asked Questions About IEC60601-1

      As some people may be aware, IEC is an acronym for the International Electrotechnical Commission. The IEC is an international organization that sets the standards for all electrical and electronic technologies worldwide, including within the United States. IEC60601-1...

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