Are Swappable Batteries Really a Dead End?

You’ve swapped batteries hundreds of times without giving it a second thought. From TV remotes to smoke alarms, standardized batteries have been part of daily life for decades. However, there are many battery-operated devices used every day that don’t have swappable...

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Types of Procedural Medical Carts to Consider

It takes all types of specialties to make a health care team run effectively. The same is true for your medical carts. Specialized carts for each task can help staff perform their job functions quickly and effectively. When purchasing a procedural cart, you have...

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Your Must-Have Crash Cart and Supply Checklist

You may already know that crash carts are a type of medical cart used by health care facilities in case of a patient emergency, such as a Code Blue. You may also know that they contain a wide array of valuable equipment and supplies to deal with these emergencies. But...

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Your Mobile Computer Cart Battery Selection Guide

Mobile laptop carts are among the most valuable tools available to caregiving facilities offering point-of-care testing and treatment. However, like all other powered carts, a mobile computer cart is only as useful as its battery system. Without a robust power system,...

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Security Options for Your Locking Medication Carts

Mobile medical carts are an essential piece of equipment in healthcare facilities. Nurses, doctors, and caregiving professionals rely on various medical cart types to provide everything from emergency aid to anesthesia and prescription meds. Unfortunately, drug theft...

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Medical Supply Cart — Recently Asked Questions

Medical supply carts are an essential piece of equipment in a modern, well-equipped healthcare facility. However, the large array of different choices, configurations, and custom cart options available can be confusing if you don’t know where to look. Without proper...

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Everything You Need to Know About Medical Equipment Cart

Mobile medical equipment carts are among the most valuable and versatile pieces of equipment for medical facilities. They fulfill multiple critical roles for fast and efficient healthcare and are indispensable in many ways. Discover the different ways a mobile medical...

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