Benefits of Workstations on Wheels in Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, it is well known that rules and regulations are ever-changing. In 2009, congress approved mandates which required healthcare institutions to adopt a practice of electronic medical record-keeping. This initiated a massive technological...

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Mobile Medical Carts & Computer Carts

If you have a career in the healthcare industry, then chances are you are aware of the revolution in medical and technological software and hardware over the last decade. Mandates by congress have demanded explicit and effective electronic record-keeping. This has...

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Medical Supply Carts on Wheels with Drawers

Medical supply carts are the backbone of any busy medical facility. By allowing medical staff to move unencumbered, wheeled medical carts can improve efficiency and decrease patient wait times. Emergency crash carts can save lives, so they must be able to move quickly...

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What Is a COW: What Is It Used For?

Although medical carts with wheels have been present in hospitals and the medical field since the early 1950s, computers have revolutionized the medical industry in the last decade or so. Now, with COWS, nurses, physicians and other medical staff can much more easily...

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Benefits of Medical Computer Carts and Workstations on Wheels

Over the last decade, there has been a revolution in both the medical and technological industries. Technology has far surpassed that of recent decades, and the healthcare industry has capitalized on advanced technological capabilities. In regards to healthcare, all...

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Medical Cart Workstations for Hospitals and Clinics

With the ever-changing mandates and regulations in the field of healthcare and medicine, the adaptability of providers is key. Today more than ever, the success of a healthcare institution depends on a streamlined workflow combined with functional record-keeping....

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The Importance of Using Anesthesia Medication Carts

Hospitals use different types of medical equipment carts for emergency room (EMR), pediatric care, patient bed-site support, and more. One of the most important uses of these carts is for anesthesiologic purposes. Automating surgical centers and other sections in a...

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Strategies for Patient Engagement

Using medical COW carts has unexpectantly become one of the strategies used by hospitals to increase patient engagement. Many studies have shown that the more active the patient engagement at a facility, the better the patient care and ultimately, the profitability....

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Keeping Computers Clean in a Healthcare Facility

Medical COW carts, computer on wheels’ carts, have become a fixture in healthcare facilities. These point-of-care carts go everywhere in a hospital, often wheeled from one patient to the next. Keeping the computers and various peripherals like keyboards clean and...

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13 Tips for Being Prepared for Pediatric Emergencies

Most hospitals are not set up as Pediatric Trauma Centers; however, all hospitals will face pediatric emergencies frequently, as children account for one-quarter of Emergency Department (ED) patients. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors' rooms must be set up correctly for...

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