How to Sterilize Medical Carts

In a world where antibiotic-resistant infections are becoming more commonplace, it's important to understand how to properly sterilize medical storage carts. Hospitals, doctors' offices, and other medical facilities are a breeding ground for germs and harmful...

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4 Ways Our Medication Carts Are Made to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to medication carts, finding the right one to meet the needs of your facility and staff can be challenging. You want a cart that is easy to move and maneuver, with plenty of storage and customization options. Security, especially with sensitive...

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How Hot Swap Technology Can Improve Hospital Efficiency

When computers-on-wheels (COWs) were first introduced into the healthcare industry, many nurses and doctors found themselves continually frustrated by short battery hours with few places to plug their carts in. Because of this, medical laptops on wheels were often...

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4 Useful Features of Hot Swap Batteries

What are Hot Swap Batteries? Hot swapping means that you can change the battery on your medical computer cart on wheels without losing power to your machines. You can continue using your computer as you swap the batteries, so patient care doesn’t suffer, as you run...

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Top 6 Health IT Trends for 2019

The healthcare industry is still going through strong and gradual tech innovation throughout 2019. This year’s new and innovative IT trends range from medical computer carts to digital twins. These digital trends in healthcare will provide patients with more...

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