Advantages of Mobile Computer Carts with Battery

One of the most interesting features of a mobile computer cart with battery is that they provide hours of uninterrupted power for continuous working. However, this is not all they provide, and in fact, Mobile Workstation Carts that have a hot swap battery system...

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Optimizing Use of Medication Carts

Medical carts are an integral part of any hospital. Among other things, they store supplies and keep them within reach. Healthcare medication carts are just one type of medical cart. What is a Medication Cart? A medication cart is a special type of medical cart used...

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Getting the Most Out of Your Hospital Computer Cart

Studies show that nurses walk several miles each shift as they travel between patient rooms, nurse stations, and supply rooms. The continual back and forth wears on staff, leads to congestion in walk-through areas, and can result in human error amongst all the...

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An Overview of a Medical Cart

Though simple and often overlooked, medical carts are at the core of the healthcare industry. They are used extensively in different departments of health institutions: hospitals, clinics, and even nursing homes. Here is a brief overview of medical carts from the...

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A Guide to Medical Cart Batteries

Medical cart batteries are all designed for the same function, but they come in varying types. These types have their strengths and shortcomings, and it is good to know what to expect from any given type. Here is a detailed look at Medical cart batteries and discuss...

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4 Things to Look for when Purchasing a Medical Cart?

Purchasing med carts for your hospital or patient care unit represents a significant investment in the infrastructure of your facility. Med carts are used by diverse staff members on a daily basis and when well-designed for the facility they are used in, can increase...

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Three Benefits of Bedside Mobile Medical WOWs in Hospitals

With the advances in information technology that are occurring today, many industries are required to adapt and keep up with emerging technologies. Hospitals are no exception. The healthcare industry is currently undergoing an IT revolution, with devices being...

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