Innovation 101 for a Hospital: Use Quality Medical Carts

When deciding to upgrade their healthcare facilities, many companies focus on the infrastructure, the large electronic equipment, and their everyday tools, but they may overlook the mobile heroes—the medical carts. Often, medical carts may be forgotten because they...

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3 Myths About Retrofitted Medical Computer Carts Debunked

When upgrading their equipment, many companies believe that the newest and shiniest medical computer carts are needed. Many myths dissuade companies from retrofitted medical carts, when, in fact, the retrofitted hospital cart is an excellent investment. Not only are...

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Global Medical Cart Industry Trends

Searching for the optimal medical cart for your facility can be a long process, especially if you are unaware of the industry trends. The medical field—and its equipment—is changing at an astronomical pace. To keep your company at the forefront of these updates, you...

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How to Get the Most out of Your Mobile Medical Computer Cart

If you have just introduced a mobile medical computer cart to your office or hospital, or if you are new to this technology, you may be wondering how to utilize your cart for patient care. Mobile computer carts have become an incredibly useful tool at increasing...

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5 Benefits of Point of Care Mobile Medical Carts

Throughout most medical offices and hospitals, Point of Care mobile medical carts is the new norm for doctors and nurses. Not only do they increase efficiency in time and mobility, but they also decrease errors that routinely cost the healthcare industry billions of...

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Best Medical Cart Manufacturers’ Accessories

Many medical cart manufacturers are designing medical carts that are customizable to any healthcare environment. They recognize that a one-size cart does not fit every office, hospital, or medical facility. Luckily, there are many peripheral options that prospective...

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Hospital Carts and Accessories that Reduce Hospital Noise

Hospital carts designed to reduce noise ensure optimal recovery for patients and improve overall patient satisfaction. Between the beeping of machines, the chatter of people, and the rattling of supply carts moving from room-to-room, it can be exasperating for...

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Mobile Medical Carts with Laptops : An Absolute Necessity

The healthcare industry's utilization and adoption of mobile medical carts with laptops have helped to create more efficiency and fewer errors for healthcare providers. With mobile medical computer carts, nurses and doctors can take their office's electronic health...

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Should Anesthesia Carts be Locked In Between Patient Cases

In 2007, a federal regulation mandating anesthesia carts be locked between patient cases whenever authorized personnel was not in the room was overturned. As a result, as long as these portable storage carts on wheels are kept in secure areas, they can remain...

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