Why Hospitals Can’t Do Without COWS (Computers on Wheels)

Medical carts on wheels are a fixture in virtually all healthcare facilities and have been since at least the 1950s. Battery-powered healthcare devices and digitized patient records created a massive market in COWs or computers for hospitals. Computer use at...

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Tips for Securing Electronic Health Records

You can quickly secure a medical cart on wheels with drawers by locking the cart in a storeroom or adding locking drawers but securing electronic health records is not as easy. Hackers love to target healthcare records with sensitive personal data, including social...

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6 Benefits to Used Certified Medical Carts

The advances in healthcare continue to grow at a rapid rate every year. It is vital that healthcare professionals have the tools they need to keep pace with the care and healing treatments they provide. But brand-new medical tools and supplies can be costly. Often it...

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Why Medical Carts Need Batteries

No hospital or healthcare facility today could do without medical carts on wheels. Recently, many clinics have begun either buying new or retrofitting many existing carts with battery power sources. Technological advances have allowed the miniaturization of many types...

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