Key Factors for Selecting Medical Cart Power Systems

In many healthcare operations, medical carts are key to providing patients with the level of care expected. A quality medical cart can improve a facility’s ability to respond to patient needs and allow greater flexibility for practitioners, significantly improving...

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The Complete Guide to Lithium vs. Lead Acid Batteries

A reliable power source is crucial for efficiently operating a fleet of mobile medical carts. But with so many types of batteries available, choosing the best power source for your medical facility can be difficult. Two of the most common battery types – lithium iron...

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Computing Cart

Mobile computing carts are essential equipment in any hospital or caregiving facility. They provide nursing staff, doctors, and other personnel convenient access to electronic health records and other patient data without compromising mobility. However, not all...

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The Advantages of Hot-Swap Batteries in Medical Computers

Medical computer carts cannot function without a power source. Even medical carts equipped with laptops do not operate at 100% efficiency without power, as the laptop’s internal battery has a limited capacity, unsuited to last the long shifts in a healthcare...

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Increasing productivity With Mobile Powered Workstations Carts

In the fast-paced and highly demanding field of medicine, efficiency is a factor that separates elite healthcare facilities from ordinary ones. One of the most impactful productivity tools at a healthcare provider’s disposal is the mobile workstation cart. Scott-Clark...

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Types of Information Systems Used in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are continually searching for new ways to improve patient outcomes and create an efficient facility. Electronic records transform healthcare facilities’ operations by digitally storing all patient records, providing instant access for medical...

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