5 Tips for Choosing a Telehealth Workstation

A report released by the Department of Health and Human Services in December 2021 found that the demand for telehealth services experienced a 63-fold increase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand has remained high despite COVID-19 being classified as an endemic virus....

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The Advantages of Hot-Swap Batteries in Medical Computers

In healthcare facilities, reliable computers and peripheral devices are integral to providing high-level patient care. With most medical facilities relying heavily on computerized systems and tools, it is vital to power your electronic medical devices and computers...

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Key Factors for Selecting Medical Cart Power Systems

In many healthcare operations, medical carts are key to providing patients with the level of care expected. A quality medical cart can improve a facility’s ability to respond to patient needs and allow greater flexibility for practitioners, significantly improving...

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The Complete Guide to Lithium vs. Lead Acid Batteries

A reliable power source is crucial for efficiently operating a fleet of mobile medical carts. But with so many types of batteries available, choosing the best power source for your medical facility can be difficult. Two of the most common battery types – lithium iron...

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