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When upgrading their equipment, many companies believe that the newest and shiniest medical computer carts are needed. Many myths dissuade companies from retrofitted medical carts, when, in fact, the retrofitted hospital cart is an excellent investment. Not only are these devices made of high-quality materials, but they are also a lot more cost-effective than their new counterparts. But, just what is a retrofitted device?

Retrofitted equipment encompasses devices that have updated functionality because additional tools (that weren’t present during the manufacturing process) have been added to them. These tools may be geared toward different departments of your healthcare facility.

Without the need for production, retrofitted mobile medical carts benefit the environment and the budget of your company. With that said, let’s get into three of the myths that cause the most hesitation for purchasing retrofitted medical carts on wheels.

1. Retrofitted Equipment Cannot be Modified

This myth is false. Retrofitted equipment can be upgraded with the latest technology. The basic design of this equipment is more cost-effective versus its newer counterparts, but these medical carts are fully customizable. So, your company will not be stuck with a device that will fall behind the latest upgrades. If you have a portable computer medical cart, you can upgrade it to match the most recent technological advances.

Trained technicians can add battery packs, additional casters or drawers, highly technical equipment, and any other modifications that would benefit your staff and patients.

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2. Retrofitted Equipment and Used Equipment are the Same

No, they are different. Retrofitted equipment is restored to a like-new condition, and new tools are added. Any parts that were worn are replaced with new parts. In fact, it’s not recommended to buy used equipment as it hasn’t been tested and could easily break under pressure. There is no guarantee a professional repaired the used equipment and you have no protection against breakdown.

On the other hand, retrofitted equipment is repaired by professional technicians who thoroughly test every component to ensure all functions work correctly. There are stringent standards that must be met before a retrofitted medical cart is delivered to your company.

Here is a tip that will assist you when purchasing retrofitted equipment. Search for a reliable company that offers a limited warranty and maintenance on their product. If you are not offered a warranty, you may want to go to another company to retrofit your medical carts.

3. Retrofitted Equipment has a Higher Chance of Damage

In reality, many retrofitted medical computer carts were never used. These devices may have been rejected in the manufacturing process because they had minor inconsistencies, like a dent. Another factor that may have led to a medical cart being retrofitted is newer models. Often, when newer models are released, the older models are sold to healthcare facilities and other retailers in bulk.

In regard to new medical carts, these may be a poorer choice than a retrofitted medical cart because they undergo less testing. As these are created in large quantities during the manufacturing process, new hospital carts may have a cursory testing process. So, new carts may contain more defects than retrofitted equipment. Should a new cart break, you will have invested much more, and its shortened lifespan will be frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Retrofitted equipment is an excellent investment for your company. With the cost savings you will receive, you can use these funds to upgrade other areas of your health facility. Whatever you do with those extra funds is your choice but do yourself a favour and give retrofitted equipment a try.

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