Technological developments over the past several years have streamlined how healthcare professionals carry out their duties and administer care to their patients.

One such development is battery powered carts that enable medical staff to carry supplies, equipment, and information around with them throughout their shift. Today, a doctor or nurse can keep everything they need to hand, allowing them to carry out more tasks and care for more patients in less time.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using a mobile medical workstation.

1. Optimized workflow

Previously, doctors and nurses would have to travel back and forth to obtain the supplies and information they needed to treat each patient.

Healthcare staff would have to visit the dispensary several times a day to collect medication, as well as locating, carrying, updating, and filing paper records. Now, medical staff have all they need at their fingertips.

2. Enhanced data protection and accuracy

Mobile workstations can accommodate a computer or mobile tablet device, allowing employees to access and update secure electronic medical records at the patient’s bedside, increasing productivity and reducing the likelihood of a data breach.

Before the advent of battery powered carts, medical staff would have to scribble patient updates down – often using shorthand – to transfer to the patient’s proper file later. These notes could be difficult to decode or easily lost.

The ability for healthcare professionals to input information into a patient record immediately helps to eliminate these issues.

medical workstation

3. Medication security

Medical carts also incorporate secure drawers for storing medications, drastically reducing the number of times the operator needs to return to the dispensary. Drawers are either secured with a lock and key or an electronic locking mechanism.

Used in conjunction with an automated dispensing system, this method of transporting medication can help to massively reduce loss, theft, and stock errors.

4. Patients receive better care

All the improvements provided by battery powered carts lead back to one fundamental benefit – your patients receive higher-quality care.

Your medical team can see a higher number of patients in a single round, keep more accurate records, monitor important vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, and examine test results, all without having to leave a patient’s bedside.

Doctors and nurses want to make their patients feel better, not only by healing their illness or injury but also by making their stay more comfortable. A significant part of this is the ability to add a personal touch to a patient’s care, spending time with them, having a conversation, or sharing a joke to help keep them in good spirits.

Optimizing the workflow of your medical facility allows your team of dedicated healthcare professionals to deliver the personal, one-to-one care they may not have felt they were able to provide under previous time constraints.

mobile medical workstation

Final words

These are the primary benefits of using battery powered carts in your medical facility, but they can enhance patient care, reduce workplace stress, and improve productivity in many other ways. For the healthcare industry, modern technology is changing the game for the better with each passing day.

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