What are Hot Swap Batteries?

Hot swapping means that you can change the battery on your medical computer cart on wheels without losing power to your machines. You can continue using your computer as you swap the batteries, so patient care doesn’t suffer, as you run around looking for charging points or going to and from a stationary device.

Hot swap technology has revolutionized healthcare, and the following four features are instrumental in improving both patient and carer experience.

1. Efficiency

Saving information, safely turning off equipment on mobile medical carts or searching for an alternative power supply all takes valuable time. You can avoid this waste of time by using hot swap batteries. In comparison to standard batteries, the hot swap version also has the advantage of quicker charging times (as much as 50% quicker).

Access to hot swap batteries means you no longer have to keep a constant eye on the battery life indicator and even rush tasks so that you have enough time to finish before the battery dies. You can trust your equipment to do its job so you can maintain your focus on caring for your patients.

Nor do you have to worry about losing information or capabilities if there is a power outage at your medical facility? You can feel secure in the knowledge that your medical utility carts will maintain their power and that you have a backup battery ready to go.

2. Cutting Costs

Hot swap batteries are quick charging, which can save a significant amount in energy costs. They can function for 6-10 hours between charges, which makes them affordable to use.

Savings can also be made in terms of workflow; all the data that the computer or peripherals on the utility cart, is available at all times. Healthcare practitioners can utilize their time efficiently with no downtime waiting for devices to charge. This improved workflow means that caregivers no longer need to spend valuable time going back and forth to a stationary computer.

Every time a standard battery needs to be changed, a nurse has to close all the files and applications down and switch off the computer. This means hours of valuable time wasted in a week.

3. Safer for the Clinical Environment

When working in an environment where lost data would have a serious effect on patient care, having hot swap batteries is an advantage. If your clinic or hospital loses power, then critical files can be deleted from your computer, causing a huge gap in safe care.

You also don’t need to worry about hot swappable batteries on mobile medical carts overheating. The risk of overheating is confined to low quality or defective batteries.

4. Increased Mobility

Your medical computer cart can be fully mobile and can be moved around with ease as you go about your day. Equipment with hot swap batteries doesn’t need to be continuously plugged; it can be independent of power sockets all day.

The battery technology means that carts are lightweight and easy to move with you from place to place. The fact that no dangling wires are needed enhances maneuverability and safety.

You can use the hot swap batteries on any of the medical utility carts peripheral equipment. Items such as barcode scanners, keypad locks, and printers can also be used with the hot swap batteries, so you never lose functionality.


The use of hot swap batteries is a great advantage as their useful features make workflow more efficient, and patient care seamless.

Hot swappable batteries guard against loss of power in healthcare facilities and ensure data is safe and secure. The quick charging, small and light battery packs are affordable and easy to use.

Why Scott-Clark Medical?

Scott-Clark Medical are pioneers in hot swappable battery technology which enables our carts or your retrofitted medical carts to run indefinitely, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. Our batteries also come with a five-year warranty.

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