Hot swapping means you can replace the battery on your medical computer cart on wheels without losing power to your connected equipment. Replaceable batteries with a hot-swappable component give your medical computer cart or tablet cart fleet more flexibility. They allow you to remove and replace batteries in a matter of seconds.

A computer cart or tablet cart with a multiple-battery system, such as dual power supplies, can also let you replace batteries without cutting power from your connected equipment, making them similar to uninterruptible power supplies.

With these, you can continue using your medical cart computer as you swap the batteries, so patient care doesn’t suffer as you run around looking for charging points or going to and from a stationary operating device.

Hot-swap technology has revolutionized healthcare and simplified medical equipment operation and maintenance. Here are the top four most valuable features of hot-swappable batteries.


Saving information on your medical cart computer’s internal memory, safely turning off equipment on mobile medical carts, or searching for an alternative power supply robs you of valuable time. Using hot-swap batteries eliminates the time wasted by this lengthy component shutdown procedure.

Compared to industry standard batteries, versions with hot-swap battery compartments have the advantage of faster charging times. Under perfect operating conditions, quality products with a hot-swappable component can charge as much as 50% faster.

Access to hot-swap batteries means you no longer have to keep a constant eye on the battery life indicator and even rush tasks so that you have enough time to finish before the battery dies. You can trust your equipment to do its job so you can maintain your focus on caring for your patients.

With a high-efficiency hot-swap power system, your equipment is no longer at risk of component failure due to a dead battery or a power outage. You can feel secure knowing that your medical utility carts will maintain their power and that you have a reserve battery ready.

Any remaining battery power will keep your equipment functioning as it normally would, making it more efficient than traditional uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), such as the type used to keep desktop computers online during a power outage.

Cost Efficient

Hot-swap replaceable batteries are quick-charging yet long-lasting, saving you a significant amount of money in energy costs and keeping connected mission-critical equipment powered for longer periods.

Savings can also be made in terms of organizational workflow. All the data held by the computer or the peripherals on the utility cart remains available at all times, even during a power outage, creating the opportunity to build a more efficient workflow.

Healthcare practitioners can use their time efficiently because there is no downtime waiting for devices to charge. This improved workflow means that caregivers no longer need to spend valuable time going back and forth to a stationary computer.

Every time a standard battery needs to be changed, a nurse must close all the files and applications and switch off the computer. This means hours of valuable time wasted in a week.

In contrast, using a cart fitted with dual battery compartments and hot-swapping technology can function indefinitely with proper battery power management. The only required workflow change is integrating battery swapping at regular intervals.

Integrating battery changes into normal equipment operation is critical for properly managing battery device power consumption (e.g., systematically replacing the lowest-power units with fully-charged ones).

Regular maintenance of your hot-swappable batteries can almost eliminate the cart component shutdown procedure, keeping them powered and available 24/7 if needed.

Advances in Technology

Safer for the Clinical Environment

If your clinic or hospital suffers a power outage without access to hot-swap batteries, connected mission-critical equipment risks experiencing critical issues: losing internal memory data, experiencing file corruption, or even component failure, creating severe risks for patient care.

Additionally, not all devices can run on integrated batteries (e.g., laptop battery power). More complex equipment, such as vitals monitoring devices, require a higher power supply voltage than what can be provided by an internal battery. Using hot-swap batteries is therefore critical for patient safety.

You also don’t need to worry about overheating hot-swappable batteries on mobile medical carts. Although most rechargeable batteries run hotter while under load (charging or powering connected equipment), the battery chemistry employed by high-quality hot-swappable batteries is designed to limit the heat produced.

The LiFe Battery Advantage

For instance, Scott-Clark Medical employs Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) instead of the industry-standard lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery chemistry, such as the type employed in mobile devices. A LiFePO4 battery is also called a LiFe battery or LiFe power device.

The power supply voltage range of a Scott-Clark LiFe battery is 10 to 14.4 V, much higher than Li-ion (2.4 to 3V), meaning that operating device power consumption and requirements will be no issue.

A LiFePO4 modular power distribution unit is designed to increase safety under normal operation, limiting the maximum operating temperature without compromising effectiveness or total life cycle. At most, a full load will make the battery warm but not unsafe to touch. In contrast, running a Li-ion battery warm decreases its efficiency and increases the risk of causing burns.

Additionally, the components of a LiFe battery are incombustible. Unlike lead-acid, individual battery cells can withstand higher temperatures without deteriorating, experiencing thermal runaway, and catching fire.

This means that no matter what your nursing personnel does, a LiFe power device will never be unsafe for them to use and manipulate. You can safely run a LiFe battery warm for extended periods with no risk. Additionally, battery hot-swaps are quick and easy, taking a few seconds to complete.

A quality LiFe battery needs little regular maintenance. The only critical requirement is to avoid leaving them on charge for extended periods, preserving the lifespan of its cells.

Increased Mobility

Your medical computer cart or tablet cart can be fully mobile and easily moved around as you go about your day. Equipment with hot-swap batteries doesn’t need to be continuously plugged. Instead, they can function independently of power sockets all day.

Although industry-standard battery technology is also mobile, the most common problem is battery life. The most common design solution is to increase the number of battery units. However, it isn’t an ideal solution for two reasons; the increased weight, added charging time, and expenses negate the mobility of most medical carts.

With advanced LiFe battery technology, even carts with dual power supplies remain lightweight and easy to move with you from place to place. A dual LiFe battery system on a medical computer cart or tablet cart is the ideal solution to preserve mobility without compromising longevity.

Besides keeping a medical cart computer powered or a laptop battery charged, you can use a modular power distribution unit with hot-swapping capabilities on any type of medical utility cart. The power supply and hot-swapping technology can benefit all additional devices and peripheral equipment.

For example, items such as barcode scanners, keypad locks, and printers can draw power from the onboard power system, maintaining maximum functionality and mobility. Even carts fitted with complex equipment arrays can function optimally as if plugged into a standard fixed outlet.

Why You Should Choose Scott-Clark Medical

The use of hot-swap replaceable batteries offers medical personnel a significant advantage. Their many useful features help make your healthcare facility’s workflow safer and more efficient.

Batteries with hot-swapping capabilities provide protection for components and equipment connected to them. They prevent you from the effects of power outages and ensure your healthcare data and equipment are safe and secure. The fast-charging, small and light battery packs are affordable and easy to use.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we aim to redefine the industry standards by staying at the cutting edge of hot-swapping technology and offering the highest-quality products to medical facilities.

We are a pioneer in hot-swappable battery technology, providing protection for components on your carts from power outages and increasing productivity. Our batteries come with a five-year warranty and are available on our standard carts. We can also retrofit your existing fleet of medical carts.

For more information about our batteries, hot-swappable technology, and medical carts, please call us at (512) 756-7300 or complete our online contact form to speak to a team member.

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