Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology, or FMCPT, gives your medical laptop cart on wheels independence not found with other laptop carts. FMCPT allows users to take control of the power on their laptops remotely, move through a shift without having to plug in the cart, and have confidence that their work won’t be interrupted by a sudden battery drain.

With our state-of-charge indicator display, there’s no wondering when the battery needs to be changed. Nurses and doctors can plan their workflow using the indicator display and quickly change out a drained battery in no time. Healthcare providers and patients can spend more face time together with the help of these medical carts powered by FMCPT technology.

1. The user is in control

In some hospitals, batteries are monitored remotely by an IT technician. When the battery drains, the technician needs to come out to replace it, or the user must begin the sometimes-fruitless search for another, fully charged cart. This takes valuable time away from patient care and can be very frustrating.

With FMCPT technology, our carts feature a Hot Swap battery system. Our batteries have unique and long-lasting chemistry called lithium iron phosphate, or LiFePO4. These batteries will last between 4,000-5,000 charging cycles and will power most carts for 10-12 hours on average.

When your battery has an hour of life left, our state-of-charge indicator will alert you to switch out the battery. It will begin to flash at the half-hour mark. Removing the battery from the BCS charging system is easy with the handle attached to the battery. Simply remove the old battery, and slide the new one in. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds, and you won’t lose any of your work.

2. Portability

Because of the unique Hot Swap battery technology, nurses and doctors no longer have to seek out a place to plug in their medical workstation on wheels. This can be very limiting, especially if they need to leave their cart at an electrical outlet in the hall. This takes time away from the patient, as the provider needs to leave the room to enter and retrieve patient information.

This can also be limiting in movement throughout the shift. If a doctor or nurse must be “tethered” to a charging cart, it can take longer to reach patients at the other end of the hall. It also limits movement between floors and units.

With our FMCPT-powered carts, take the cart with you wherever you go. You can bring it into patient rooms, on elevators, or through the halls without worrying about where you need to plug it in next.

3. Quality time with patients

Patients are frequently dissatisfied with their care when they don’t feel heard. Often, this comes from doctors and nurses being so busy or having to return to a computer to enter data that they don’t get to really sit, listen, and understand the patient’s concerns.

With an FMCPT medical laptop cart on wheels, you can spend more time providing direct care to your patients. You can input data while your patient is with you, asking meaningful questions that can help you formulate a diagnosis and the best plan for treatment.

You can also pull up information about your patient’s condition and review it with your patient. This fosters a feeling of collaboration and teamwork for the patient and provider, where both are working towards goals of better health and a precise treatment plan.

4. Fewer data entry errors

When you’re able to enter data with the patient directly in front of you, there are fewer chances for data entry errors. Data entry errors in the medical industry cost millions of dollars each year. This makes the administration, insurance companies, and patients extremely unhappy.

Fewer data entry errors mean fewer memos, staff meetings, and other disciplinary action for staff, which can damage morale across the board.

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