When it comes to medication carts, finding the right one to meet the needs of your facility and staff can be challenging. You want a cart that is easy to move and maneuver, with plenty of storage and customization options. Security, especially with sensitive medications, is also a top priority. Our medical supply carts have all of these features and more.

Medication carts should be a simple tool in your daily routine. Our medication carts come with easy-to-clean surfaces, cassette and supply drawers, and they are height adjustable. There are many ways in which our medication carts are designed to meet yours and your patients’ needs throughout your shift.

1. Customizable

One-size does not fit all medical offices, facilities, or staff. Our medication carts are customizable with the sizes and styles of drawers your facility depends on the most. From cassette drawers to full-size storage drawers, you can choose the drawer configuration that works best for your team. Our medication bins are also compatible with most robotic fill systems.

We also offer peripheral options such as storage baskets, scanner holders, and sharps disposal containers, which can be attached to the mobile medical carts to help keep all your shift tools organized. These carts can support large or small displays and are practically silent in operation as you wheel them around during your shift. Our medication carts, because of their customization, can become a medical workstation on wheels, instead of just a simple medication cart.

2. Secure

We offer the option to have manual locking drawers or electronic keypad locking drawers: whichever works best for your staff and facility. Drawers can also be configured for proximity cards, which are quickly becoming the most popular security storage method.

Our locks secure each drawer, pushing unlocked drawers out slightly to visually indicate to a user that it is unlocked. Our medication carts are designed to protect sensitive medications and allow only authorized users to access them for their patients’ needs.

3. Ergonomically designed

Our carts are made of aluminum and stainless steel, so they are incredibly lightweight and easy to maneuver through any crowded hallway or tight space. In fact, we have designed our carts with a 75% weight reduction while simultaneously adding 80% more energy storage to our batteries. Our batteries are lightweight, weighing in at around eight pounds, so the bulkiness that comes with other power systems is not a factor in the maneuverability for our carts.

Our carts also feature a large, easy-to-clean desktop surface, with a pull-out keyboard and dual mouse trays for both left- and right-handed users. Our carts are also height-adjustable, so they accommodate users of all sizes.

4. Power through a shift

Our lithium iron phosphate battery packs are designed to last 10-12 hours for 4,000-5,000 charge cycles. With our Hot Swap battery system, it’s easy to quickly swap out a drained battery for a fresh one without interrupting your work or taking time away from your patients.

Our cart power system, called Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology, also features a state-of-charge indicator display on the cart and the batteries. This display will alert you when your battery has an hour of life left, and then it will flash at the half-hour mark. You can quickly and easily swap out the drained battery for a new one in less than 30 seconds.

Since most medication carts require a computer or laptop attachment, you can rest assured that your computer will be powered throughout most of your shift with minimal interruption to your workflow.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a great medication cart to fit the needs of your office, facility, and staff, our medical supply carts can offer you the customization options you need. Our ergonomic, lightweight carts are the perfect choice for any healthcare environment.

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