A workstation on wheels is an essential tool for any healthcare team whether you are working in a large hospital, a clinic or other healthcare facility. As one of the leading suppliers in the United States, our team knows how overwhelming it can be when it comes to selecting a new cart or fleet of carts for your workplace.

We’ve created a list of five important factors to consider, regardless of your specific specialty, location, and team size.

1. Adjustability

Workplace ergonomics require good neck and head posture, with key objects only being an arm’s reach away. This improves efficiency and reduces the strain on the back and neck. Workstations on wheels come with height adjustment options to accommodate each user’s height, arm length, and more.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we also offer additional storage, security, and sizing options as well as other customized features to assist you in your search for the perfect mobile cart for your team and environment.

2. Stability

Another deciding factor for computer workstations is stability. Whether you’re turning sharp corners, avoiding hallway collisions, gliding over tile, carpet, or over the door thresholds, your cart needs to withstand it all.

Mobile computing carts need to be sturdy enough to withstand the standard wear and tear of years of regular use. Look for carts made of metals like aluminum and stainless steel for sturdy carts that last.

At Scott-Clark Medical we also future-proof our carts so you can upgrade them easily as technology changes.

3. Storage options

Make sure the cart has enough trays and drawers to store essential items for daily emergencies.

Also, consider that some materials shouldn’t be accessed as easily as others. For medications, needles, and syringes, it’s purchase additional storage boxes with a (virtual) lock and key to ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Scott-Clark Medical carts already provide basic storage trays and boxes to accommodate common items within an arm’s reach. Should you need more space or security for certain items, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your secure storage options.

4. Cleanliness

Most medical teams know that there is a lot more to a mobile computer cart than just aesthetics. As a medical cart gets passed from one pair of hands to another, there is a potentially high risk of infection, which can be avoided by selecting a cart with high-grade impermeable materials.

Porous materials like plastic provide the perfect breeding ground for different diseases and bacterias. Plastic is especially dangerous because as the very top layer breaks down due to wear and tear, dangerous bacteria can find even more entry points.

That’s exactly why the Scott-Clark Medical team has worked on reducing plastic surfaces to a minimum on all mobile medical carts in our collection. Our carts are largely made of aluminum and stainless steel, which prevent bacteria growth.

It is important that you establish a cart cleaning schedule to get rid of any lingering germs. Keep in mind that if a cart has a lot of hard to reach corners, it will be more difficult to clean.

5. True Mobility

The healthcare industry is already stressful – you don’t need a computing cart slowing you down, whether it be due to weight or poor quality. Light, easy to move carts don’t just help get users from point A to B faster, they also reduce the number of work-related injuries as well as unnecessary fatigue.

Before making your final purchase, check-in with your team and determine how much weight they can push and pull comfortably without slowing down. You shouldn’t consider any carts above this weight.

Wheels should rotate a full 360° and should be able to be pushed in virtually any direction.

Scott-Clark: Your Supplier for Medical Computing Carts

With different teams, tools, and goals, there is no one size fits all option for mobile workstations. We pride ourselves on providing a selection of excellent, standard carts that can be customised with a range of accessories like a keyboard tray, sharps container, wristband printers, IV pole and so much more to provide the perfect support your hardworking team needs.

Scott-Clark Medical has been providing the healthcare industry with a selection of high-quality mobile carts for over 20 years. While working alongside clinicians, hospitals, and private practices across the United States, we have been able to refine our craft to provide you with the perfect mobile computing cart.

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