If your workplace is currently using an old industrial rolling computer cart, it might be time to consider upgrading to a more modern and efficient type of power supply. Scott-Clark Medical are pioneers in cutting edge battery technologies. We offer a wide range of mobile carts to suit all needs, and our teams can also provide on-site retrofitting and refurbishment options.

  • Flexible charging options

Scott-Clark power systems offer an onboard charge and safety system that allows cart use in the traditional plug-in and charge method. We offer single and multi-battery systems to fit with your particular needs.

Battery packs can quickly be exchanged with a fresh battery from a wall charger. Our batteries are hot-swappable, meaning that operators can remove and replace batteries one by one, while the remaining battery continues to provide power to vital equipment. This technology effectively enables our medical carts to run indefinitely, reducing maintenance and increasing productivity.

  • Durable modern technology

Scott-Clark has designed cutting edge Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology, which provides an excellent alternative to the issues found in older cart battery designs. FMCPT makes use of multiple lithium-ion phosphate batteries, with each containing enough energy to power a mobile workstation for 6 to 10 hours.

FMCPT can power almost anything within a hospital setting. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can boast not only an 80% increase in battery power storage but also a reduction in charging time by 50%. This means these lightweight, aluminium batteries are not only long lasting but also supply clean energy.

  • User-friendly

Our batteries have an ergonomic design that allows for quick and easy removal of the batteries. Neat handles and light overall weight ensure that operators with hands of any size can comfortably use these battery packs. The battery removal and exchange method are simple enough for anyone to understand and replacing the entire power kit can be done within just 10 minutes.

A visual indicator alerts the user by turning yellow as the end of charge nears and

subsequently flashes yellow when it dips into the final 20 minutes. This ensures you can easily see when the batteries need changing, and there won’t be any unpleasant surprises with batteries running out of power unexpectedly.

  • Maximize workplace safety and efficiency

Optimal power supplies create greater workplace efficiency. A cart doesn’t have to be taken out of service to be charged at an outlet because staff can remove the drained battery and insert a fully charged one in its place. Hot-swappable batteries ensure you are never left without power. Consistent power in a healthcare setting is fundamental to the safety of many patients who are dependent on technology to keep them alive.

The simplicity of our power system design ensures any healthcare practitioner can operate the cart, so wasting time calling an IT specialist is not required. Your healthcare practice will benefit from increased workflow productivity and time with patients.

  • Financial benefits

By upgrading the power supplies of your existing medical carts, you avoid spending a larger sum on the purchase of a whole new cart. You will also decrease operating expense costs by replacing old batteries with new, longer-life batteries that will have a significantly increased lifespan.  

You won’t need to spend money on frequently replacing batteries when you are using Scott-Clark’s technology. You can also rest assured that all Scott-Clark batteries come with a five-year warranty.


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