The advances in healthcare continue to grow at a rapid rate every year. It is vital that healthcare professionals have the tools they need to keep pace with the care and healing treatments they provide.

But brand-new medical tools and supplies can be costly. Often it makes better fiscal sense to invest in quality refurbished items, such as used medical carts. At Scott-Clark Medical we understand how important it is to have safe, reliable healthcare tools.

Saving money at the expense of quality or safety is never a wise investment. That is why we provide certification to ensure the highest-grade equipment for the welfare of your patients and caregivers.

It is pertinent to note the distinction between a new, a pre-owned, and a used certified medical cart. A new medical cart will come to you shipped straight from the manufacturing floor. Every part will be untouched and pristine, ready to be put into service. A pre-owned medical cart has already spent a portion of its mechanical life being put to use by someone else. It should be clean and in good working order, but that may not always be the case. In addition, the quality of the help it will be able to provide is questionable. A used certified medical cart, however, is a pre-owned medical cart in like-new condition. Any components that are worn down or not operating at a high level are replaced. You can expect to receive many years of top-notch service from a refurbished piece of equipment.

Let’s go over the six benefits to used certified medical carts and why they can be a smart choice for your healthcare facility.

1. Product Variety

Just as brand-new medical carts come in all shapes and sizes, so too do used certified medical carts. Any cart your medical program would purchase new, you can also find refurbished.

If you need more rolling medical carts to hold supplies for specialized tasks, consider retrofitted medical supply carts. This type of medical cart is especially practical to buy used certified because there is no need to worry about any technical aspects. You can simply find one with the right configuration of storage drawers and shelves to suit the job at hand.

But you can also purchase updated utility carts with specialized medical instruments and additional power sources should you prefer. Going with a used certified medical cart can give you a greater peace of mind that the technical implements have been tested and work.

Just because an item comes straight from the production line to your door, doesn’t always mean there are no glitches. Product recalls happen all the time with all sorts of products, and medical carts are no exception. You could receive a brand new, untested medical implement that fails at an inopportune time.

Going with a used certified medical cart is a very economical way to test new configurations of hospital carts. It is a low-risk way to assess new products that you are thinking about adding to your equipment lineup.

No need to spend full price on a new medical computer cart that you may ultimately decide is not what you need after all. Instead, you can try out a refurbished version of the same cart type for a fraction of the cost.

Don’t let the misguided belief that used medical carts only come in certain forms keep you from considering the addition of these practical appliances to your cache of useful medical equipment.

2. Cost

It is without a doubt more economically savvy to purchase a certified used medical cart than one that is brand new. Often, healthcare providers choose to spend a lot of money buying the latest medical computer carts in the hopes that spending more now means they are buying a piece of equipment that will last a long time. But medical technology changes and improves every year. It is often more cost-effective to retrofit obsolete mobile medical carts rather than purchasing brand new models.

Taking an older or slightly outdated medical rolling cart and restoring it to a like-new condition is less costly than sourcing raw materials from scratch. Plus, it is generally less work to revamp an existing medical cart than crafting a completely new one. So less money is spent on labor costs. These monetary savings are passed on to the customer in the form of a lower purchase price. The initial purchaser of the medical cart covered the cost of production, so the price of an updated cart only needs to include the redesign work.

This lower cost to you leaves for more money in your overall, yearly purchasing budget. These savings can translate into more medical supplies or more detailed customization of a used certified medical cart.

3. Quality

Buying used does not have to equate to inferior standards. Our used medical carts are certified, so you can be sure you are receiving the highest caliber medical rolling cart to suit your company’s needs.

As superior medical cart manufacturers, we understand what goes into making a top-notch medical supply cart. Our carts comply with, and even exceed, the medical world’s precise requirements for safety and efficiency. This attention to excellence does not lapse because we are renovating a used medical cart instead of building one from the ground up. If anything, we pay even more concern about getting every detail exactly right since each overhaul is unique.

When adding components to a medical utility cart, we use the most advanced elements. Rehabilitating a used medical cart means making it the best it can be. We use the well-crafted details necessary to ensure a refurbished hospital cart is providing the highest quality service.

Because a used certified medical cart has already spent time in a busy healthcare setting, it is less likely to need any troubleshooting. It has been put through the paces of rigorous use and proved its mettle. And the certification confirms that any issues there may have been with worn-out equipment or faulty instruments has been assessed, corrected, and tested. You can be sure you are getting a reliable medical appliance for your caregiving establishment.

4. Customization

When choosing to go with a used certified medical cart, the customization options are wide and varied. Instead of spending money on new medical equipment carts, you can retrofit outdated hospital carts to the specific needs of your medical professionals.

Redesigning a used medical cart can be especially useful if your healthcare organization is changing or expanding the range of services they provide. Perhaps the facility now needs medical computer carts or more point of care rolling carts. Instead of allowing older model medical carts to take up space in storage, those carts can be refurbished to serve the new and updated requirements of any medical association.

Different healthcare providers require different types of technology and tools to perform their jobs well. Having the option to retrofit existing medical carts for specific medical practices makes it much easier and more practical for caregivers to do their jobs proficiently. The detailed customization available for used medical carts aid in providing the highest quality care to patients.

It can be overwhelming to spend a lot of money on a brand-new medical cart that you then have to customize further to fit your particular needs. Purchasing a used certified medical cart to customize is less risky. If the customization isn’t quite what you intended, it is best to figure that out on a less expensive piece of equipment first.

Not only can you customize the medical cart to fit your facility’s service needs, but you can revamp a used medical cart to better fit your medical professionals’ needs as well.

Perhaps you have several left-handed practitioners on staff that would be more comfortable and efficient with left-hand oriented medical record carts. It is easier and less expensive to switch around a used cart then to buy a new one, specially made.

It can also be a smart idea to customize carts for height adjustments. Besides the varying heights in healthcare providers when standing and making rounds, some prefer to perform certain functions sitting down.

Reworking a used medical cart to account for the varying physical and operational differences is significant. It can make a huge difference in employee job satisfaction as well as improving the quality of care they are able to provide to their patients.

5. Sustainability

By utilizing the rolling medical carts your facility already owns and updating them to fit your current needs, your company is operating sustainably. Reworking outdated supplies and keeping them out of the landfill is an admirable choice in today’s world of disposable commodities.

Now, more than ever, companies should participate in sustainable business practices that benefit the communities and environments of which they are a part.

The time, money and energy that goes into repairing and updating used medical carts are worth the effort to conserve natural resources that would otherwise be harvested for producing new medical equipment.

Medical knowledge and technology develop at a fast pace. It is easy to toss out old technology and outdated tools. But by revamping your existing supply of rolling medical carts, you are helping to create a better future for the very patients you are working to heal.

Sustainability can begin with small actions, like saving an older medical cart from the waste pile. But those small practices can snowball, leading to bigger and better activities that encompass all areas of your healthcare company. It becomes a state of mind that improves the overall well-being of the medical professionals, their families, and spreads throughout the community. Caring for the world you live in goes hand-in-hand with caring for its population.

6. Efficiency

One of the most practical benefits of a used certified medical cart by Scott-Clark Medical is that our technicians can do most refurbishment work on site. This convenience reduces the disruption to the healthcare professionals providing patient care.

No unnecessary relinquishing of tools or supplies while the retrofit is carried out. And as soon as the work is done, the newly redesigned medical cart can be immediately put into circulation.

Not only that but feedback about the remodel and any necessary last-minute changes required can be carried out instantly. The time saved by updating a cart on-site is tremendous. The point of having this equipment is to assist in the timely treatment of patients. Losing out on working hours due to a lack of proper medical contrivances defeats the purpose of these time-saving devices.

In addition, you as the purchaser save time because you already know you are getting a deal — no need to spend days researching the cost of various types of carts. With a refurbished medical cart, you get to choose the customization you need and know that it comes with a reduced-price tag compared to buying new.

In Conclusion

There will be times when purchasing a new mobile medical cart is in the best interest of your healthcare facility. But often, with a little research, you can buy certified used medical carts to fit your needs just as well.

Retrofitting outdated medical carts at a fraction of the cost of buying new is a viable option for many medical offices. They are safe, clean and easily adapted for most caregiving situations.

You can customize existing medical rolling carts to suit all sorts of specialities for focused patient care. From specific storage configurations to adding lockable drawers to installing additional power sources, used medical carts can be shaped for whatever endeavor you require.

Reworking any outmoded medical carts in your facility’s current inventory is environmentally responsible as well as economically viable. It is good to be a leader in your community for sustainability practices.

There are many benefits to choosing to add a used certified medical cart to your company’s sully inventory. They can be a valuable asset, aiding with the daily tasks performed by healthcare professionals.

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