Medical Cart Batteries

Medical cart batteries are all designed for the same function, but they come in varying types. These types have their strengths and shortcomings, and it is good to know what to expect from any given type.
Here is a detailed look at Medical cart batteries and discuss how to identify the right battery for your cart.

Questions to Ask

So, what should guide your pick for a medical cart battery?
Here are some questions to ask before you go shopping:

• How Much Power Do You Need?

Everything dependent on power on your medication cart will be plugged into the batter. This includes computers, scanners, and other appliances. The more the appliances you have, then the more the power that you will need.

Determine the number of appliances that will need a battery and check their watt usage per hour. This will give you a good estimate of the total power that you need for a typical 8-hour shift. We recommend that you invest in a high-wattage medical cart battery to avoid frequent power interruptions.

• What is the Battery’s Capacity?

The next step should be considering the battery’s capacity. How many watts can it hold? Will this be enough to work with? How often will you need to replace the battery? However, remember that a high wattage means a larger size battery and most probably heavier in weight.

• What Is the Maximum Battery Weight Your Carts Can Handle?

Medical carts are quite heavy considering everything they are stocked with – computers, medical equipment, medication, and a variety of other supplies. A battery will add to this weight. As such, it is important to ensure that the battery you choose is not too heavy for the cart.

However, you may not have much say over the weight considering that it is dependent on factors such as wattage.

• Is the Battery Easy to Operate?

Different types of medical cart batteries have varying modes of operation. This is one of the most important factors to consider because it may affect the efficiency of your medical carts.

A medical cart battery should be easy to install and change as time is of the essence. It should also be compatible with the specific medical cart’s design. Additionally, it should be easy to maintain. High-maintenance batteries just add to the operating costs and may break easily.

• What Type of Cooling System is Needed?

Batteries naturally heat up when in use. If this heating goes unchecked, the battery may destroy other components, expire, and in some cases even explode. To prevent this, cooling systems are installed to keep temperatures in check.

Medical carts, unlike other power-operated appliances, are sensitive since they are used in healthcare facilities. Experts recommend using fan-less cooling systems for two reasons: they are silent, and this will not contribute to noise pollution. Batteries without fans do not contribute to the spread of airborne disease as the fan rotates. That said, fan-less cooling systems require high-quality designs capable of managing the heat produced without compromising the power system’s integrity.

Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

Mobile Power Supply

Having worked with medical carts for years, we have recognized the inconveniences caused by most batteries. Our answer to these challenges is the Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology, a patented system designed by us. It is capable of providing 6-10 hours of power and is easy to remove and install as needed. It also comes with power indicators to alert nurses and prevent unexpected power interruptions.

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