Rolling medical carts offer an effective way to improve the workflow in your facility, boosting productivity and enhancing patient care. Carts are available new or used, and the type you choose depends on several factors. To learn more about new and used medical carts, here is a guide to help you choose the right cart for your healthcare facility.

Used and Refurbished Carts

Many myths surround used medical equipment. Used carts are generally discarded equipment that may no longer fully operate and are sold as is. However, at Scott-Clark Medical, we offer only high-quality refurbished medical carts that have been upgraded and renovated on by our team of experienced qualified medical technicians to restore them to almost new condition.


Cost Effective

Operating a medical facility is a costly business, and ultimately, as a business, you want to keep your overhead costs as low as possible so you can invest elsewhere in your budget. Refurbished medical carts offer a cost-effective solution to update your facility. Used carts can cost up to 50% less than new carts while still offering the same performance.


Many medical professionals find that used medical carts are often more reliable than brand new carts as they have a proven track record of performance and durability. Used carts are refurbished by professional technicians with extensive medical knowledge to ensure that the cart performs almost as effectively as a new cart.


Superficial Damage

Depending on the aesthetic of your medical facility, superficial wear and tear on refurbished carts can be a potential drawback. They also may not fit with your current equipment or offer a complete suite of high-tech features as brand new medical carts.

New and Custom Carts

Brand new and custom medical carts offer a sleek design that complements the high-performance features. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can customize any of our new carts to suit the needs of your facility.


Use Latest Tech

New carts offer the latest in high tech features that improve performance, extended battery life and provide compatibility with many laptops, computers and tablets for more effective IT integration.

Can be Upgraded

Medical technology is constantly changing and advancing, which can often render medical equipment obsolete within a few years. However, new medical carts can be retrofitted with improved battery sources and other updated features to keep your fleet state-of-the-art. Your carts can even be retrofitted on-site at your facility to minimize disruptions to patient care.

Smaller Footprint

Space is at a premium in medical facilities, and older refurbished medical carts tend to have a larger profile and require more storage space in your facility. New carts offer a streamlined design for easy storage and better maneuverability in tight spaces.

Easy Sterilization

New carts are constructed from powder coated extruded aluminum and stainless steel that is simple to disinfect to prevent the spread of disease around your facility.



Replacing an entire fleet of medical carts with new equipment can be cost-prohibitive for many medical institutions, especially if the carts need to be customized. Retrofitting your current fleet is an affordable alternative.

Wait Time

Creating any high-performance piece of equipment takes time, and custom medical carts require more man hours to achieve the high-quality features that you need from your fleet of carts.

Final Thoughts

Both new and used rolling medical carts can be customized to feature the equipment and tech you need to boost staff productivity and patient care in your facility. To learn more about which types of medical cart best suits the needs of your business, call Scott Clark Medical on (512)-598-5466 to talk to one of our qualified technicians.

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