Medical carts are a necessity in any medical office and hospital. They provide countless benefits for patients, doctors, and nurses. Hospitals and medical offices are always busy with seemingly a million things going on at once. Medical carts increase the efficiency of any facility, making for a better experience for patients.

The convenience of being able to bring mobile medical services to patients’ bedside cannot be overstated. There are many different types of special purpose medical carts each designed for a specific purpose.

Custom Medical Carts

Importance of Choosing the Correct Medical Cart

Medical carts are an asset to any medical facility, whether it is a small family practice or a large hospital. Choosing the right cart for your practice’s individual needs is the key to making the most of your purchase and streamlining services.

For instance, if a practice is looking for a mobile cart to handle registration needs, a cart designed for anesthesia is not going to be as good of a fit as a cart specifically designed for registration.

Medication carts for hospitals are made in a variety of styles depending on their intended function. The number and depth of drawers vary depending on what type of cart it is. The same can be said for the amount of surface area to hold monitors and different types of equipment.

Types of Medical Carts

Not sure what kind of cart is best for your facility? There are numerous options. More than likely facilities will benefit from more than one type of medical cart.

Let’s take a look at three of the different styles of medication carts for hospitals and physician offices.

  • Dual Monitor carts are designed to conveniently and safely hold two monitors with a designated area for a processing unit.
  • Anesthesia carts are designed in such a way to hold the necessary equipment for anesthesia procedures.
  • Suture carts make administering stitches a breeze while coding carts are crucial for critical patients. Each cart is designed for the specific equipment needed for the job.

Custom Made Medical Carts

No two practices are the same, and the needs of every office and facility are different. Although standard carts can work in many cases, offices may have special cart needs unique to their facility.

Fortunately, Scott-Clark Medical can custom design carts to fit any medical facility’s needs. Let’s take a look at a few of the custom cart designs available to clients.

An intensivist camera cart extends a whopping eight feet with pan/tilt and zoom features with the use of a remote control. For all of your mobile registration needs, this specially designed cart features a camera and label and wristband printer for added convenience.

The PACS viewing station is made for the operating room with a specially designed computer to support two large displays and long battery life. All-purpose carts are designed to support eleven electrically powered pieces of equipment.

For even more specialized needs, custom carts can be designed to a client’s specifications, including the correct number of drawers at the correct depth and the support to handle specific equipment needs. Custom carts include creating a completely new design from scratch or adapting a base model to fit the requirements.

medication carts for hospitals

The Way of the Future

When patients receive medical care, they want the most personal and professional level of care available. This includes service in a timely manner with as much one-on-one interaction with their doctor as possible.

Medical carts increase face time between doctors and patients and decrease the stress on patients by having more services provided bedside as opposed to transporting the patient to a different area of the hospital.

Nurses and doctors appreciate having the necessary medical equipment and supplies at their fingertips, meaning less time hunting down equipment and supplies and more time caring for the patient.

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