Healthcare institutions invest thousands of dollars in recruiting, training, and employing their medical teams, so staff must have the tools required to provide the best possible care for their patients.

Mobile medical crash carts are at the forefront of modern patient care, providing medical professionals with vital equipment to improve patient outcomes. However, it is crucial to work with a reputable and trusted medical crash cart manufacturer to ensure you achieve the best results.

When choosing your preferred supplier, you need to consider the attention to detail in their cart features and how they can help your facility operate effectively and efficiently.

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Medical Crash Cart Mobility

A vital element of a crash cart is its mobility. Because physicians require medical crash carts to respond to emergencies, the response time is crucial and could be the deciding factor between positive and adverse patient outcomes. At Scott-Clark Medical, we use a lightweight design so staff can quickly move their code carts into position.

Aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic are robust materials that can withstand accidental bumps and scrapes while still allowing for easy movement throughout a hospital ward. We craft these raw materials into units that glide effortlessly across ward floors on smooth-rolling casters, allowing medics to reach their patients quickly.

Because a crash cart holds electrical equipment, it is also crucial to purchase a model with conductive casters. These wheels collect the static electricity from the movement across the floor, prevent it from reaching the sensitive electronics on the unit, and dispel the electricity back to the ground.

This feature ensures your medical equipment is in excellent working order when you reach the point of care and is not negatively affected by contact with static electricity.

Medical Crash Cart Charging Capability

Care centers need their carts to be mobile and ready for response to a cardiac arrest or other life-threatening events in seconds. However, some older medical units may need to connect to a wall socket for charging every 2-3 hours, essentially making them redundant while they are off the ward.

Scott-Clark medical carts use advanced technology to provide around-the-clock usability for a busy medical ward. Our patented Flexible Mobile Power Cart Technology (FMCPT) uses long-lasting LIFE P04 batteries that charge on the emergency crash cart, while another battery powers the unit.

When one battery begins to run low on charge, there is an audible and visual alarm that alerts staff members. There is no need to call the IT department to change the battery, as any team member can swap a low powered battery for a fresh one in approximately 30 seconds.

This feature allows your medics to keep the cart on the ward 24/7, providing access to essential medical equipment when an emergency occurs. While all Scott-Clark emergency carts use this technology, we can also retrofit older units with this battery system, allowing you to upgrade your existing mobile medical units economically.

Medical Crash Cart Security

A medical emergency cart carries many medications and medical devices that could be dangerous to patients, hospital visitors, or untrained staff. Lock and key drawers can be an adequate solution, but at Scott-Clark Medical, we offer advanced biometric locking drawers with proximity scanners for an added layer of security.

Any medications and items such as syringes need to be kept in drawers only accessible by highly-trained staff. Proximity scanners detect when an authorized member of the team, identified by their encoded key card, is within a preset distance of the cart. At that time, the scanner admits access to the biometrically locked drawer.

These intelligent systems simultaneously record which staff member has accessed the cart, which medication they remove, and to which patient they prescribe the drug. Not only does this functionality ensure unauthorized personnel can not access sensitive materials, but it provides a record proving a member of staff has prescribed the appropriate medication for the right patient.

This feature can be essential in the event of an audit or a complaint by a patient. Your medical manufacturer can help you comply with regulations and ensure your administrative compliance processes are as straightforward as possible.

Medical Crash Cart Organization

Before choosing your preferred supplier, you need to consider if medical crash cart manufacturers understand the organizational structure required to provide effective patient care. Rapid access to essential medical equipment is vital when potentially saving a patient’s life, and a well set-up cart can help achieve the best patient outcomes.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we design our carts with a clear structure, allowing you to customize your crash cart to achieve the most effective clinical outcomes. Many facilities use their carts in the following format, although we can also customize our units to meet your preferred specifications. This list is not exhaustive and is purely an example of how a well-organized cart can help staff on a cardiac ward.

Top of Cart Arrangement

This area is the ideal location for instant access to essential items such as gloves, monitors, life-supporting equipment such as defibrillators, and sharps containers for safe disposal.

Side Cart Arrangement

Materials that do not require special storage or security arrangements are suitable for stockpiling in side-mounted baskets. It is a handy location to keep oxygen tanks, rigid backboards, and handheld suction mechanisms.

Drawer 1

Medical staff can quickly access EEG gel and electrodes from the top drawer.

Drawer 2

This section is suitable for airway management equipment, such as tongue depressors, Maglis forceps, 10cc syringes, and laryngeal masks.

Drawer 3

Specialist cardiac staff can use this drawer for venipuncture tubes, tourniquets, IV dressings, multi-lumen catheters, and a burette set.

Drawer 4

Keeping crash carts medication secure is essential, and you can keep them away from unauthorized access in this drawer. It’s necessary to ensure staff regularly check the expiration date and arrange medications accordingly.

Drawer 5

This area can store vital IV fluids for use with an IV pole. You can deposit 1000 mL of D5W, RL, and NS, 500 mL of D5W and Ns, and 100 mL of NS-2, in this location.

Drawer 6

This drawer is a useful area to keep two of each of the catheter sizes for a comfortable patient fit.

Drawer 7

The bottom drawer can accommodate pediatric emergency tape, adult (15 gauze) and pediatric (18 gauze) versions of intro-osseous needles (bone injection gun), and medication additive labels.

Each medical crash cart should also contain a checklist detailing what equipment and medication is on the cart, and staff can update this record each time they treat a patient. After each use, a team member must refill the cart with all devices and medications, ready for the next medical emergency.

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Medical Crash Cart Manufacturer Experience

The medical and technological worlds evolve at a phenomenal pace, and it can be challenging to ensure your facility maintains its position at the cutting edge of clinical practice. Scott-Clark Medical has extensive experience providing high-quality medical crash carts to the medical community.

We continually update our technology and practices, providing our clients with market-leading technology so they can keep at the top of medical practices.

Medical Crash Cart Manufacturer Aftercare

It’s essential to follow a regular maintenance program to keep your medical crash cart in the best possible condition. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a full follow-up service package and attend your facility to minimize disruption. When required, we fit new parts and ensure your crash cart is ready for work on a busy cardiac ward.

Medical Crash Cart Manufacturer Warranty

At Scott-Clark Medical, we take pride in our high standards. Each medical crash cart comes with a standard 5-year warranty from the date of shipment. You can make your purchase safe in the knowledge that we stand by our products.

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Choosing your medical crash cart manufacturer is a crucial decision that could provide your highly-trained staff with quality equipment and lead to increased positive clinical outcomes for your patients.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide a customized experience for each client and are proud of our high customer retention rate. For a consultation and a free quote, contact the Scott-Clark Medical sales team at (512) 756-7300.

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