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Though simple and often overlooked, medical carts are at the core of the healthcare industry. They are used extensively in different departments of health institutions: hospitals, clinics, and even nursing homes. Here is a brief overview of medical carts from the leading medical cart manufacturers.

Names and Purposes

A medical cart’s utility varies depending on the specific department it is designed for as well as the hospital needs and preferences. Perhaps the best way to understand their uses is by learning each by name and purpose:

• Bedside Cart

This is the cart usually stationed at a patient’s bedside. It is used to store any supplies that the healthcare providers may need while attending to the patient.

• Point of Care Cart

These are perhaps the most sophisticated carts on the list. They come equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and battery system to power the appliances. A point of care cart also has drawers where additional supplies and equipment are stored. They are designed to make it easy for the health care providers to perform medical tests on patients.

• Crash Cart

Crash carts are used for emergency purposes. They come fitted with drawers for storing supplies and other equipment needed to administer emergency care.

• Treatment Cart

A treatment cart is used to store medicine, saline, and any other supplies needed to treat patients.

• Anesthesia Cart

Anesthesia carts are built for precision. They have compartments to store supplies and high-risk drugs. As such, they employ a high level of security to keep sensitive drugs locked away. They also have an expandable top to provide enough room for all tools and equipment.

• IV Cart

IV carts are quite bulky, because they store large volumes of IV bags. They come in varying designs depending on the hospital’s needs.

• Medication Cart

The medication carts are also more sophisticated owing to the sensitive materials they hold. They feature a mounted monitor and supporting appliances for the healthcare providers to work with. They also have large drawers with stringent safety features to keep medicine and other supplies locked away. And, since physicians rely on them often, some medication carts are height-adjustable in case the user wishes to sit while working.

The Importance of Medical Carts

It would be difficult, almost impossible, for any healthcare institution to do without medical carts. They keep these institutions organized.

A typical hospital uses hundreds of different kinds of supplies on any given day. Medical carts, store these supplies within close reach of the healthcare provider. If we take them out of the equation, the result would be chaos and inefficiency.

Medical Carts Providers

Medical carts have evolved remarkably over the years. Most providers can customize them depending on your needs. We at Scott-Clark Medical have evolved with the industries, and we are proud to rank among the top medical cart manufacturers. We utilize the best technology in our carts thanks to our patented Mobile Cart Power Technology System.

The Future of Medical Carts

Medical Carts and Accessories

Some authorities in the healthcare industry have been arguing that medical carts have to evolve or die. Considering the changes experienced over the years, medical carts have indeed evolved. Today, medical carts are designed with precision to ensure efficiency and convenience, hence contributing to the hospital’s organization.

Technology has also been making inroads and broadening the utility of the simple medical cart.

As you source appropriate medical cart manufacturing services, ensure you understand what your institution needs both now and in the future.

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