There are many benefits to using hospital computer carts in healthcare. From improving patient safety to enhancing staff workflow, computers on wheels are revolutionizing medical care delivery.

While the ultimate beneficiary is the patient, your medical team can get greater job satisfaction, while a healthcare facility can increase profitability by investing in mobile computer carts.

If you’re considering investing in one or more medical computer carts, it’s worth taking these benefits into account.

Improved Information Access

There is no need for physicians to return to a central administrative area to access desk or wall-mounted computers. Using a computer cart on wheels, they can move from room to room and access real-time patient information at the point of care.

A colleague can add test results or scan images to a patient’s electronic medical record while a physician is on their ward round. Using the Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, the medical professional can instantly view the updated data, which could be crucial for implementing an appropriate treatment plan as soon as possible.

Infection Control Procedures

When employees gather in one space, such as a central computer area or an equipment storage room, there is an increased risk of infection transference. However, a physician can load their workstation on wheels with all the materials they need to complete their shift without returning to a busy area.

Healthcare organizations are mindful of infection control. By keeping sterilizing wipes and sprays on a mobile computer cart, medical professionals can perform hygiene procedures before attending the point of care.

Improved Patient Confidentiality

A vital aspect of patient care is the protection of patient data. While using computers is more secure than writing notes in paper files, this method can also reduce costs.

Because physicians can make their comments about the patient’s health care plan on a centrally-linked database, there is no need for administrative staff to type up the notes from the paper documentation later.

Healthcare facilities can issue passwords for staff that provide access to various security levels, allowing each employee to see only the information they are authorized to view. Because the computer system can record which employee accessed which patient’s file, there is an audit trail in case of a data breach.

Improved Patient Communication

It can be challenging for patients to remember complex medical information, particularly if they are stressed or worried. At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide mobile laptop carts with a height-adjustment feature that allows a physician to lower the computer screen to the height of the patient’s eye line.

Because the physician can sit on a chair by the convalescent’s beside, this can help the patient feel the conversation is a consultation rather than the medical professional telling them what will happen.

Rather than repeating information the patient struggled to remember, medical carts can also save time. The physician can use a printer on the unit to issue material the patient can review later.

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