There are numerous benefits for hospital staff and their patients when using a medical computer cart. These versatile devices can improve workflow, enhance physicians’ and patients’ interactions, and contribute to increased hospital profitability for further investment.

When purchasing a mobile computing cart, consider these tremendous benefits.

Medical Computer Carts

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations

Workstations on wheels makes it easier for your employees to comply with the HIPAA data protection regulations. Computer technology is more secure than a paper file, and only authorized doctors and nurses can view sensitive personal information.

Whereas the position of a wall-mounted computer or a standalone unit located in a central area could allow a passer-by to see the screen, staff can see patient data at the point of care. They can also swivel the computer screen to only be visible to the patient and not the rest of the room. Password-protection features add extra security to show that healthcare facilities are taking reasonable precautions to protect patient information.

Improved Patient Interactions

Patients are understandably concerned in healthcare facilities, but patients who feel involved in their treatment plan may be more comfortable during the process. Because a physician can access patient files at the bedside, they can use the mobile computer to show them the information on a bright LED screen.

By utilizing the height-adjustable laptop holder functionality on a medical-grade cart on wheels, staff can explain the data at the same level as their patient. When talking to a patient about their health, care standards go beyond discussing different treatment plans.

Compassion is a key element of helping someone to feel more in control of their situation and helping them understand what is likely to happen going forward.

Improved Infection Control Procedures

Each patient room should be a sterile environment, and by using medical computer carts physicians and nurses can improve this vital aspect of patient care. You can customize a workstation on wheels with drawers, cabinets, and baskets to ensure staff have plenty of space to keep their necessary hygiene items.

Before employees attend the point of care, they can thoroughly disinfect their carts to reduce infection transference risk. You can also integrate hazardous waste containers on the unit, providing a safe storage space for used gowns, gloves, masks, and sharps.

Increased Staff Satisfaction

Physicians and nurses are more satisfied when they are treating patients. When they retrieve equipment from storage rooms, taking time on their shift to complete paperwork, or waiting at a pharmacy to get medication, they are not doing the job they love.

When using medical computer carts, staff can eliminate many of these unnecessary delays. When equipping their mobile workstation at the beginning of their shift, they can stock enough supplies to spend many hours on the ward before requiring a refill of any materials.

There is no need to sit at a desk while updating patient notes because they can complete the information on the mobile laptop at the point of care. If you opt for a model with a secure biometric locking system, staff can safely transport medicines on the cart, quickly filling a prescription while at the patient’s bedside.

Because these intelligent systems automatically record every transaction, there is no need to worry about additional record keeping for safety and auditing purposes.

Mobile Medical Computer Carts

Improved Equipment Ergonomics

Some staff members may find it challenging to bend down or reach up to the height of a computer, or they experience back pain and arm fatigue if they have to carry equipment throughout a ward en route to a patient.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we use robust and lightweight materials so physicians and nurses can roll a mobile medical cart to the point of care. The unit does the heavy lifting, and staff can set the computer height to suit their frame.

This feature can make employees more comfortable during their shift and reduce workplace injury.

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