Over the last decade, there has been a revolution in both the medical and technological industries. Technology has far surpassed that of recent decades, and the healthcare industry has capitalized on advanced technological capabilities.

In regards to healthcare, all of this is partially thanks to the electronic health records mandate of 2009, requiring all private and public healthcare institutions to implement and maintain electronic recordkeeping. Other factors include the rapidly rising costs of healthcare, which in turn demand a streamlined workflow for and by healthcare providers.

Workstations on wheels in healthcare have been pivotal in providing a more efficient workflow and achieving compliance with federal mandates.

Medical Computer Carts & Computer Workstations – The Benefits

In the past, the workstation of the average healthcare provider was a shared stationary or wall-mounted computer. This called for several trips throughout the day, from patient room to computer, to patient room. Today more than ever, the success of a healthcare institution relies on a more streamlined workflow and efficient electronic records database.

Medical Computer Carts & Computer Workstations provide ease-of-access to all provider software and patient recordkeeping. This has proven to be groundbreaking in terms of maximizing provider workflow and maintaining compliant patient records.

Workstations on Wheels Minimize Cost

In order to achieve compliance with the presented mandates, healthcare institutions have made big investments into more efficient and user-friendly technology. As a result, healthcare providers experience a smoother workflow, the occurrence of clerical errors have gone down, and patient privacy has excelled.

Workstations on Wheels Streamline Workflow

When your workstation is on wheels, you can literally take it with you wherever you need to go. This allows for nurses and doctors the ease-of-access to patient records, medication dispensing, diagnosing, and any other healthcare software. It reduces the number of errors, allowing for real-time data entry into the patient’s records.

Additionally, the workstation on wheels allows the provider to access internal hospital or clinic networks, such as testing and lab results. It enables them to quickly communicate with other areas of treatment throughout the facility, producing quicker diagnosis and faster treatment times.

Workstations on Wheels Minimize Errors and Maximize Patient Engagement

When healthcare providers had to walk around the hospital or clinic in order to do almost anything, it was understandable that errors were made. With their workstations now on wheels, access to the point of care is now almost always by their side.

In addition, the decreased time spent walking from room to workstation has allowed for more sincere and active engagement with the patients. This has proved to be pivotal in positive treatment results and accurate record keeping.

Workstations on Wheels Minimize the Spread of Bacteria

When you don’t have to share your workspace or leave it unattended completely, you are more capable of keeping track of necessary sanitation. Fewer germs come into contact with your work surface, and you are more cognizant of when you need to disinfect the area.

Furthermore, medical hardware such as medication carts and mobile workstations are often equipped with anti-microbial coatings. This reduces the risk of bacterial spread even further during patient interactions.

In Conclusion

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