Computer Carts on Wheels

Workplace efficiency is a constant concern for most businesses and organizations, from offices to the medical field.

One of the most critical tools for a healthcare organization today is the rolling computer cart, also called Computer-On-Wheels (COW). Learn what their benefits are and how they can help healthcare personnel stay as efficient as possible.

Fast Data Access

In the medical field, there are few things more critical than fast access to accurate data. Data delivery speed is a life-saving matter. With a mobile computer cart, gone are the days of going back and forth between patients and computer rooms, often causing queues and unacceptable waiting time.

With a computer cart, medical staff can consult and update patient data in real-time, at their bedside, using the laptop’s wireless connection to the Internet and your facility’s network.

Because laboratory staff is connected to the same network, they can also send information such as test results in real-time, allowing medical staff on the floor to receive the information the moment it becomes available.

This solution is significantly faster than alternatives such as e-mail, which have to pass through administration first.

Portable Laptop Cart Battery

Adaptability and Patient Interaction

Rather than forcing personnel to use traditional personal computers on dedicated desks and chairs, a mobile computer cart allows your staff to spend more time with their patients.

The cart’s height-adjustable features not only allow staff members of different statures to use the laptop carts comfortably, but they can also turn and point the cart toward patients, allowing them to read information and data on the screen.

In turn, your staff can break down the medical terminology into plain English, improving relationships between patients and caregivers and increasing care efficiency.

Staff members spend more time learning about their patients’ conditions and listening to their stories, experiences, and feelings. They can also use the mobile cart as a laptop desk, displaying images, graphics, video, and other content to the patient.

Lockable Static-Free Casters

The lockable casters are a convenient way for your staff to temporarily lock the laptop cart in place if they need to keep it out of the way. This system transforms the mobile platform into a temporary standing desk.

When not locked in place, your staff will likely move and exchange computer carts between different parts of your facility multiple times per day. Regular caster wheels quickly accumulate static, potentially endangering the laptop and other connected peripherals.

When not locked in place, your staff will likely move and exchange computer carts between different parts of your facility multiple times per day. Regular caster wheels quickly accumulate static, potentially endangering the laptop and other connected peripherals.

Medical Equipment Storage

A computer cart is more than just a laptop table, a battery, and a keyboard tray on a set of rolling casters. They may also possess lockable storage drawers, ideal for keeping relatively sensitive equipment safe and secure, such as sharps or medications.

Although the storage drawers may be fitted with traditional mechanical locks, requiring a key to open, more advanced solutions are available.

Augment your storage security with electronically-locked systems featuring high-security measures such as ID tag scanners or keycard readers.

Not only are these systems more secure than mechanical locks, but they are also more convenient and help eliminate human errors.

Waste Reduction

Over the past decade, most healthcare facilities went paper-free, adopting Electronic Health Records systems and associated hardware, such as mobile computer carts.

Adopting computer carts contributes to a significant reduction in paper waste. It also reduces ancillary costs, such as office and postal supplies (e.g., printer ink, stamps, and envelopes).


The best tools are the most durable, and quality computer carts are no exception. Our mobile carts employ high-quality stainless steel and aluminum parts, with only a few plastic parts.

Steel provides unparalleled durability at the cost of weight; you will only find steel on our carts’ major structural elements. Most of the other parts employ lighter aluminum parts. While less durable than steel, aluminum is still quite robust while also keeping the cart’s overall weight as low and manageable as possible.

Easy Maintenance and Sanitation

Today’s healthcare challenges emphasize the need for keeping all work surfaces as clean and sanitized as possible. All elements of our mobile laptop carts are designed for easy cleaning and sanitation, featuring no gaps or hard-to-reach corners. Painted metal elements possess anti-flaking and anti-cracking properties, resistant to daily use and frequent cleaning.

With proper care and sensible sanitization processes, our carts are safe for use in sensitive environments, such as the operating room.

World-Class Power System

Keeping the laptop, scanner, and other mounted electronic appliances powered should be as easy and hassle-free as possible. Fortunately, with our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT), power management troubles are an issue of the past.

The FMCPT system allows personnel to carry up to two hot-swappable batteries on each cart. One powers the equipment, while the other may serve as a backup. If a battery runs out of charge, replacing it with a fully-charged one is easy, eliminating the need to cut power or tether the cart to a wall socket.

Our batteries feature easy-to-read State-of-Charge Indicators (SOCIs), showing battery power levels in large characters using hours and minutes instead of vague percentage values. These features take the guesswork out of battery management, keeping your personnel focused on their tasks and improving their work efficiency.

Our Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells are long-lasting, do not generate excessive heat, and provide up to 10 hours of continuous autonomy while requiring only 2 to 3 hours to recharge fully.

With proper care and maintenance, a single FMCPT battery unit may retain over 80% of its original capacity for up to 11 years, keeping replacement costs low. There is simply no other mobile cart power system as efficient as ours.

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