Mobile medical carts have revolutionized medicine by significantly improving patient care and enhancing the workflow of medical facilities. Medical computer carts can be customized to suit the unique needs of your clinic or hospital. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect from a custom medical cart.

Benefits of Custom Medical Carts

Boost Productivity

Custom medical carts can improve the workflow in your medical facility by minimizing the number of trips to central supply rooms, and providing a single mobile point of care for all your patients. This boost in productivity enables hospital staff to complete more tasks in every shift, and spend more time focusing on their patients.

Improved Patient Care

The quality of care patients receive at a medical facility directly impacts their health outcomes. A mobile point of care unit allows doctors and nurses improved face-to-face interactions with patients which helps to build a trusting doctor-patient relationship. Mobile computer workstations also give staff immediate access to all patient medical records for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Long shifts and poor ergonomics can cause reduced workflow in medical facilities. Height adjustable mobile medical carts allow staff to spend less time moving between patient rooms and a central workstation and can prevent neck and back pain caused by poor posture.

Smooth rolling casters enable the carts to be moved easily between locations without the need for excessive force regardless of the weight of the cart.

Features of Custom Medical Carts

Rolling Wheels

Mobile computer carts allow you to work on the go, but you need the right wheels on your cart to ensure that cart moves smoothly and efficiently through your hospital space.

Scott-Clark Medical mobile workstations feature multidirectional rolling casters that can be used on multiple surfaces enabling staff to move easily between patient rooms and staff only areas. The casters feature brakes to prevent the cart from shifting during use, and can be quickly disengaged for faster emergency response.

Lockable Medicine Drawer

Keeping track of medications is especially important for pharmaceuticals with a high tendency for abuse. Lockable medicine drawer enables hospital staff to store medications securely and track stock levels so that you always have the medicine you need when you need it.

Lockable drawers can be secured using several methods including standard key locks, as well as more advanced biometric locks and proximity card systems to allow for keyless entry. If the drawer is not locked properly, the drawer will pop open slightly to give staff a visual cue that the drawer needs to be secured.

Barcode Scanners

An important peripheral feature that complement our locking drawer feature is a barcode scanner. A barcode scanner allows you to digitally track medications including stock levels in your cart as well as ensuring the correct dosage and identification of your patients to prevent errors.

Long Battery Life

When medical carts were first introduced to hospitals, poor battery performance caused interruptions to patient care which could have serious negative consequences for patient health outcomes.

Scott-Clark Medical custom carts help you to care for your patients by offering a variety of high-performance power sources to add to your cart including Hot Swap batteries, and our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT).

Create a Workstation on Wheels with Scott-Clark Medical

Custom medical carts help you run your medical facility more efficiently, and improve the health outcomes for your patients. Call Scott-Clark Medical at (512)-598-5978 to speak with our experienced staff about how we can create the best custom medical cart for your facility.

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