Scott-Clark Medical is a specialist in designing and building workstations for healthcare settings. We have a broad range of high quality industrial rolling carts for sale to suit all of your needs. As well as our standard models, our company provides custom built carts that ensure that every detail is precisely tailored to your requirements. With this kind of attention to detail, nothing will distract your staff from providing great patient care at all times.

Keeping good medical records

It is a common sense observation backed up by various studies that clinical record keeping is integral to the delivery of quality healthcare and good professional practice. Hospital workers spend a considerable amount of time inputting and analyzing electronic medical records (EMR), and poorly designed medical cart ergonomics slow down this process.  Scott-Clark next generation of mobile computing improves efficiency and confidence at the point of care.

Our carts are manufactured with the user in mind, understanding that medical workers are of different heights and have different needs in order to operate comfortably. Scott-Clark carts are height adjustable and can be tailored to include a wide range of peripheral options, including chart holders, tabletop extensions and scanners. All of these features enable quick and efficient record keeping throughout the day.

Ease of movement

Scott-Clark Medical makes its mobile workstations using lightweight aluminium, which is up to 75% lighter than the other materials commonly used. This makes them particularly lightweight and easy to move around. A high degree of manoeuvrability and a small footprint make our carts simple and convenient to use within a crowded space, and they can easily be stored whenever required.

The sturdy wheels on the carts mean that motion is effortless when they are being pushed or pulled. The wheels are also lockable, which ensures that carts can be treated as a semi-permanent feature when this is necessary.  

Secure storage

Carts can include drawers of various sizes that come with individual locks. This means that valuable or sensitive items are always safe. Our patented locks can secure each drawer individually, with unlocked drawers remaining slightly open in order to provide a visual indicator to the person operating them. A variety of user codes can be configured for these locks. Alternatively, proximity cards can be set up swiftly to replace manual user code entry.

Efficient battery technologies

We have pioneered long-lasting and flexible battery systems. Our hot-swappable power supply uses patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) and provides an excellent alternative to older, less durable battery options. In a hospital setting, FMCPT can be used to power almost anything that needs a battery.

Power supplies can also be plugged in and charged in a more traditional manner. One of our high-capacity lithium-ion phosphate batteries runs for 6 to 10 hours at a time and using 2 or more batteries can provide more than enough power to last for an entire shift and beyond.

The functional and ergonomic designs of the industrial rolling carts for sale at Scott-Clark are intended to make your job easier so you can focus on tending to the needs of your patients and providing a consistently high level of care.

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