You can add plenty of advanced technological features to your mobile medical cart, but their real value lies in the benefits they bring for your staff and patients. When designing your custom cart, it’s essential to consider how medical professionals can use the functionality to enhance the patient experience.

Numerous crucial aspects can improve hospital workflow and contribute to increased satisfaction and overall profitability.

Medical Computer Cart

Secure Laptop Access

By equipping a cart with a portable laptop, staff can access patient files at the point of care. This feature increases security because physicians do not need to carry paper files that could be lost or left behind. A further benefit is that you can ensure compliance with strict data protection regulations.

You can issue staff with passwords that provide access to information that they need to perform their duties while protecting other files from view. The systems record which medical professionals accessed files, confirming that they are not in breach of the rules.


Patients can significantly benefit when physicians use a height-adjustable mobile cart to lower the computer screen to their eye level. This functionality makes it easier for patients to read their files and to converse with their care team at the same height.

There is also a benefit for physicians, as they can set the tabletop at the most comfortable height when adding notes to the computer.

Security Drawers

Medications, sharps, and other sensitive medical supplies could cause severe harm in the hands of unauthorized and untrained personnel. You can equip your mobile rolling carts with electronic locking drawers that prevent access unless the user has the correct permissions.

Proximity scanners detect when an encoded keycard is nearby, and grants access to the drawers identified on the card.

Equipment Storage Containers

For less sensitive materials, you can use baskets on the outside of the cart. These storage areas are ideal for holding hygiene wipes and sprays that medical staff can use to sterilize the cart.

Employees can place used items such as gloves and masks in hazardous material containers, preventing them from causing contamination as they carry on with their duties.

Peripheral Options

There are almost unlimited configurations when equipping your mobile medical computer cart. When choosing accessories, you can add devices specific to each medical team in your facility.

Tabletop extensions are useful when staff need extra space to type their notes, while barcode scanners keep a record of which items physicians dispense on their rounds. A magnetic card reader can keep track of who is using the mobile cart at different times of the day, and electronic signature pads allow patients to sign their names at the point of care to consent to procedures and medications.

Mobile Medical Computer Cart

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