Working at a hospital or clinic can be very demanding at times. In the medical field, things happen at the blink of an eye, and we must always be prepared to handle situations to the best of our ability.To handle challenging situations with ease, we need top of the line technology and tools to help us attend to our patients. Doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners know how important it is to look up a patient’s medical records, record information, dispense medication or simply perform medical tests at a moment’s notice.

All of these procedures can be easily done with the help of flexible mobile cart power technology. Here is what you need to know about portable power systems for mobile workstations.

Mobile Cart Power Technology

What is Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology?

These mobile carts are somewhat different from the ones you would find at most hospitals. They are different in the sense that they offer more features and better quality service. They are made out of lightweight aluminum which offers 75% weight reduction, and they come with powerful batteries with 80% more energy storage and a 50% reduction in charge time.

They can be modified to have special features such as two screen models, iPad holders, camera carts with sound, printer sections and much more. These carts can also be configured to connect to barcode readers and wristband/label printers. They come with large supply drawers to carry medical equipment, and they also include easy, quick-lock features for extra security.

What are the Benefits?

Making the switch to flexible mobile cart power technology will make your work routine much more pleasant. In a financial sense, upgrading your existing carts is much more affordable than purchasing new ones. There is also an overall decrease in operational expenses because power supplies and batteries do not need to be replaced as frequently as older models.

Batteries also last approximately 5 years whereas the generic battery models only last up to 15 months. The batteries can also be replaced without IT support, which saves nurses and doctors precious time that they can dedicate to their patients.

These carts also have long battery lives, in fact, when fully charged they have up to 12 hours of battery usage which is perfect for extended shifts and overtime. The carts only need to be plugged in for 2.5 hours in order to be fully charged. You can also easily see how much power is left and even be alerted far in advance when the batteries will run out.

medical equipment

Flexible mobile cart power technology is an excellent and practical tool to have in any hospital. It helps nurses and doctors dedicate more of their time to their patients and it increases overall productivity. When it comes to any kind of medical practice, time is precious. Losing time charging up a regular mobile cart, dealing with difficult battery changes, and having to push around heavy equipment is simply not practical.

It’s crucial that nurses and doctors maximize their workflow efficiency. The medical field is challenging, demanding, and stressful as it is, so why not incorporate tools that will make a work shift more pleasant overall? At Scott Clark Medical we know that heroes don’t always wear capes, but many of them wear scrubs and lab coats.

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