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Studies show that nurses walk several miles each shift as they travel between patient rooms, nurse stations, and supply rooms. The continual back and forth wears on staff, leads to congestion in walk-through areas, and can result in human error amongst all the confusion.

While innovative floor plans and new systems have been put in place to try and curtail this constant crisscross, few things have proven as helpful as the hospital computer cart on wheels.

Why a Mobile Supply Cart?

Hospital computer carts can enable healthcare facilities to increase efficiency while improving the overall progress of their patients. With immediate access to supplies, patient charts, and medical devices nurses and staff can offer prompt and accurate care.

Electronic medical charts at the patient’s bedside allow staff instant access to health records, allergies, and medication lists. This allows them to make accurate decisions in the most efficient manner possible.

Keeping mobile supply carts on hand allows staff to reach what they need when they need it without running back and forth on a continuous loop.

How to Maximize Efficiency

In order to get the most out of your hospital computer cart, it’s important to consider a few key factors.
• Workflow
• Stock
• Sanitation

Consider Your Work Flow

Choosing computer carts that are built to work with the flow of your facility is an important first step in maximizing efficiency. Consider the size of your patient rooms and storage areas, as well as how you’ll be using the carts when making your choice.

A cart that is too large will be bulky and hard to use or store. On the flip side, a cart that is too small will be difficult to utilize.

How will you use your cart? If your computer cart’s sole purpose is charting, you won’t need bells and whistles. However, most facilities choose to accessorize to get the most out of their cart.

Pieces like sharps containers, supply drawers, and baskets for latex gloves and blood pressure cuffs can always help keep supplies on hand.

Keeping Your Cart Stocked

Establishing a routine for keeping carts stocked is another key factor in maximizing the efficiency of your mobile workstations. If the goal of using the cart it keeping nurses from crisscrossing the floor multiple times a day, having an empty supply cart will defeat your purposes.

In order to get the most use out of your hospital computer cart make sure you have a set schedule for stocking the unit and charging the battery system.

Maintaining Your Cart’s Sanitation

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The main focus for healthcare facilities is keeping cross contamination between patients at an absolute minimum. When taking equipment between rooms, it is vital to sanitize in between each patient.

Mobile computer carts are constructed from non-porous, easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel. Consider the construction material of your hospital cart when purchasing, and maintain a protocol for keeping the cart sanitized between patients.

Hospital computer carts are a great asset to healthcare facilities. Using them efficiently can cut back on critical mistakes and relieve stress for staff, but obtaining this efficient use will only come with forethought and proper implementation.

Scott-Clark hospital provides quality hospital carts for a variety of uses. They work with clients to find the product that can best meet their needs and maximize efficiency for their facility.

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