Over the last decade, there has been a revolution in both the healthcare and technology industries. The changes that have occurred in healthcare mandates requiring more efficient record keeping have demanded adaptability and efficiency from providers. Fortunately, the field of technology has been a dependable resource along the way.

The implementation of mobile medical carts in healthcare environments around the country marked the beginning of the revolution of care. However, as with any new system or process, there were a few speed bumps along the way.

Mobile medical carts require a strong and reliable source of power and this was no easy feat in the beginning. Fortunately, great strides have been made since then and power sources for mobile medical carts have evolved into a streamlined standard of care.

Hot Swappable Batteries

A hot swappable battery system refers to batteries that can be safely inserted and removed into battery-powered carts without having to turn off the computer. This allows for continuous, all-day service without having to stop when the power source needs to be recharged.

The typical cart will have two battery ports and one will remain in place while the other is being replaced. Typically, designated power stations will be put in place for charging the batteries, or the provider is able to plug the cart into a wall outlet on-the-go.

Longer Lasting Batteries

Powered mobile carts with batteries need to maintain power for at least an entire shift or 6-10 hours. Because the idea is all about streamlined workflow, going back and forth every few hours to change batteries was still counterproductive.

Today, evolving technologies are making batteries more efficient than ever. If your care facility is still utilizing older versions of batteries, you may find a significant improvement by making a switch to an upgraded version.

Medical supply carts

Medical Cart Mobile Power System Benefits

The benefits of adopting mobile medical carts have been innumerous for healthcare institutions across the country. The ability to transport the workstation wherever needed provides a streamlined workflow for doctors and nurses. Upgrades are constantly being made to ensure mobile power systems provide the best possible and longest-lasting source of power to the mobile carts.

In addition to advances in technology, mobile computer carts have allowed for the improvement of patient care and infection control. With mobile workstations, the provider and patient are always interacting at the point of care. Errors in recordkeeping have been reduced, and communication with patients has been improved.

Anti-microbial coating is typically available for mobile workstation hardware, and this decreases the spread of germs.

Final Thoughts

With the adoption of new technological practices across the healthcare industry nationwide, reliable sources of power have become an absolute necessity. Today more than ever, high-quality power systems are available and easily accessible. Contact us today with any concerns or questions for all of your mobile workstation needs.

Michelle T. Willis

Michelle became passionate about the medical industry while growing up as a nurse’s daughter, but her true talent lies in the written word. As a lifelong learner and explorer, Michelle is pursuing her career in writing while traveling the country.

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