Over the past few decades, medical facilities have relied on computers and electronic devices to provide high-level patient care. Many critical medical devices, including mobile medical carts with computers and tablets, depend on a reliable power source. However, traditional power sources like lead ion batteries and direct power can disrupt patient care and a healthcare facility’s workflow.

These power sources need to be recharged frequently, causing their connected electronic devices to lose power at critical times due to an uncharged battery. These power sources are also associated with complex charging and replacement procedures, which can leave staff without essential caregiving equipment for prolonged periods.

Using hot-swappable batteries, a compact, long-lasting, and easily-swappable power source can help prevent power loss and disruptions in patient care to ensure your facility has a smooth, productive workflow. 

How Hot-Swap Batteries Help Healthcare Facilities Improve Care

Traditional power sources can lead to computer downtimes, unreliable peripheral devices, long charging times, and an overall decrease in productivity. Hot-swappable batteries solve these problems and help healthcare facilities improve patient care by providing several benefits over traditional power sources, including: 

Continuous Operation

Hot-swappable batteries provide continuous power to their connected devices while switching with their backup battery. This means there is no need to power down devices if their primary battery loses charge. 

Healthcare facilities are often overloaded with patients during emergencies, such as natural disasters. With hot-swappable batteries, healthcare facilities can be prepared for these events and continue to provide patient care, even with limited power. This is because hot-swappable batteries do not rely on direct power once charged.

Healthcare workers can use the entire charge of their first hot-swap-capable battery before switching to another fully-charged one without interrupting treatment or care procedures.

Scott-Clark Medical’s FMCPT hot-swap batteries each provide between 8 and 12 hours of power per charge and can be replaced by another fully-charged battery without powering down any connected devices. 

With the FMCPT’s dual-battery design, providers can power their devices for up to 20 hours without recharging, allowing providers to power their devices using the same battery for an entire shift or during extended power outages and emergencies.

Reliable Power Source for Computers and Peripherals

Hot-swappable battery systems provide a reliable integrated power source for additional devices. This means there is a reduced chance of a vital component failure which could permanently damage the device.

Hot-swappable batteries can fully recharge within 2.5 hours, meaning that medical computer systems, tablets, and other essential devices have sufficient charge throughout each worker’s shift. 

Once the shift concludes, they can charge both batteries and repeat the process each workday. By doing this, providers ensure their devices always have a reliable power source.

Improved Mobility and Flexibility

In many facilities, healthcare providers must care for numerous patients and travel between locations that are often far apart. This means providers need devices and power sources capable of traveling these distances without disrupting their workflow.

Since hot-swappable battery systems are compact and wireless, providers can easily move their mobile computer workstations on wheels without losing power.

Hot-swappable batteries are also an excellent way to lighten the physical load placed on your healthcare staff during their shifts. Hot-swappable batteries are made with medical-grade lithium-ion technology, making them smaller and lighter than other non-swappable battery systems. This reduces the cart’s overall weight and improves its mobility. 

Improve Your Facility’s Workflow with Hot-Swap Batteries from Scott-Clark Medical

Hot-swap batteries can improve patient outcomes by providing continuous operation, improved mobility, and a long-lasting, reliable power source. 

Scott-Clark Medical is an industry leader in the medical equipment sector. We developed the first reliable cart power system and our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology System to enhance patient care. 

If you want to invest in the future of your care facility, contact the design team at Scott-Clark Medical at (512) 756-7300 to discuss creating a custom fleet of mobile computer carts fitted with our reliable battery packs. We can also retrofit or refurbish your current mobile cart models with our power systems and peripherals to help you provide optimal patient care.

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