Most hospitals, clinics and even doctor’s offices quickly find that off-the-shelf mobile medical carts require customization to make them more useful for some tasks. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer medical carts for sale and can help tailor a cart to fit your circumstances.

Customization can not only improve patient care but can also enhance worker satisfaction.

Which Carts Are Customizable?

You can customize any mobile medical cart. At Scott-Clark Medical, we also offer refurbishing services that can include customizing your existing fleet of carts to update them or add peripherals to enhance their usability.

If you want a new fleet of carts, contact us, and we can help you create precisely the carts you want by adding accessories to the basic models sold.

General Design Decision

The first step in customization requires determining the general design you want to use.

Carts are available in polymers, stainless steel, or a combination of both.

Each material has germ repelling qualities and is very lightweight.

The layout and design depend on the cart’s function. Emergency room carts may need less worktop space but more cabinets and drawers to hold equipment. You can add individual drawers that open quickly to avoid delays when seconds may count.

Medicine cabinets can have special locks such as proximity card readers or barcodes that can wireless record what drawer was opened on what cart, who opened it, and when it was opened.

Powered or Not

Likely at least part, if not all, of your cart fleet will need a power supply for computers, medical equipment, and electronic peripherals like printers or label makers.

You can integrate battery packs or single batteries into your carts.

Scott-Clark Medical has a proprietary lithium battery system that lasts longer, charges quicker, and permits swift change-outs.

You can choose a system with visual battery level indicators that will light up at a certain point and then start to flash when power levels become critically low.

Hot swap battery systems for carts ensure that you never lose power in the middle of using the equipment.

Many newer battery systems, like the Scott-Clark Medical Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) systems come with optional charging stations.

The charging stations fully recharge the FMCPT battery packs in two and a half hours. Specially designed, the chargers rapid charge to 85% for the first two hours and then slow down for the last minutes so the battery cells can fully absorb the power.

This type of charging ensures a full 10-12 hours at peak usage, more than enough to use the battery for an entire work shift.

Computer Carts

At least some of your medical carts are likely devoted to computer use.

In addition to draws and cabinets with whatever standard medical supplies you determine necessary, you can opt for space for two monitors, extra keyboards and mouse, wider worktables, and additional battery packs.

There is no reason you can’t include peripherals like IV poles, vital signs devices, or chart holders.

Procedure Carts

Depending on your facility, some of your carts can be equipped for specific procedures. For example, you may want one or more pediatric procedural carts with peripherals and setups orientated toward treating children.

An anesthesia cart might require quicker opening drawers, with or without locks for critical situations.

Final Word

Finding the right cart for your wards, operating, and emergency rooms require planning. Call Scott-Clark Medical today on (512)-598-5466 and let us help you determine the right custom features necessary to improve your quality of patient care and employee satisfaction.

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