The two most essential resources in a medical clinic are the doctors and medical staff assisting them and their equipment. As in many other industries, the medical field is experiencing a technological boom. Medication carts with computers have also benefited from this technological growth.

In the past, patient care was not as collaborative as it is today, and that is primarily due to technology’s ability to ease file and resource sharing. There is also a diminishment of wait time as computing carts hasten and streamline the patient process.

With computer workstations, patients can also access their records, test results, or doctor’s diagnosis, which promotes organization and security in your workplace.

One of the significant breakthroughs in the last ten years has been in the area of mobile medical carts. These carts, which have revolutionized patient accessibility, wait time, and patient satisfaction, can do a wide range of tasks in a medical facility.

There is a range of carts at work at health facilities, and these include anesthesia carts, crash carts, isolation carts, treatment carts, transfer carts, emergency crash carts, and procedure carts.

To optimize your patients’ experience by implementing new cart technologies, you can usher your medical facility into the future. Here are some things to look for when you’re purchasing a medication cart for your clinic, hospital, senior living home, correctional facility, or doctor’s office.

Medication Carts

Medication carts with computers are conveyances for your patients’ medicines. Medical carts offer a compact design, mobile computing, and medication control for your patients and staff. Mobile computing technology streamlines the healthcare process for doctors, staff, and patients by delivering the correct medicine and unit dose directly to a patient’s room.

These portable carts dispense pharmaceuticals to patients effectively and accurately. Another tool in a medical professionals arsenal, these carts provide point-of-care medication and medication management for your patients.

They include such details as key locks, punch cards, locking narcotics drawers, and automated dispensing cabinets. They are an excellent addition to the world of health services. When equipped with monitors, they can also provide access to electronic health records, making treatment swift and secure.

Medication Carts with Monitors

Scott-Clark Medical offers optimal medication carts that also sport monitors for point of care medication. Providing the correct medicine to the proper patient takes up a lot of time for medical personnel. With a monitor-equipped medication cart, nurses and other health care workers can check and double-check patients’ medication history and dosage.

These medical supply carts can free up staff, control infections, and accurately and swiftly deliver medicine to patients’ rooms. Scott-Clark Medical also minimizes the use of surface plastic in its medical carts, designed to reduce the area of plastic that attracts pathogens like MRSA.

The drawers on Scott-Clark’s medical carts are adjustable into a variety of configurations to suit any medical need. Look for a mobile medication cart that can adjust to a range of heights to accommodate anyone who is using it. Finally, look for a mobile medical cart that has simple maneuverability.

Battery Powered Medication Carts with Monitors

Busy healthcare facilities want to decrease the time their carts need to recharge. With this in mind, Scott-Clark Medical implements an innovative power system with hot swap batteries in their carts, which means that a new battery is swapped into the cart without cutting power.

A hot swap system in a mobile medical cart has two mounting positions for batteries so that the new one can be placed before removing the old one. Some healthcare facilities prefer to rotate their carts, recharging the ones that need it and using the fresh ones.

Scott-Clark Medical’s carts come with Flexible Mobile Cart Power (or FMCP) enabling users to choose whether or not they prefer batteries or plug-ins. Although laden with superior technology, the most critical aspects of Scott-Clark Medical’s mobile medication carts are their functionality and flexibility.

Scott-Clark Medical understands the necessity for efficient medical technology. We offer a range of medical computer carts with monitors with a variety of power sources. If you are looking to upgrade your current technology, contact us today.

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