The recent federal mandate for electronic records and the need for increased patient privacy and staff productivity has seen the low-tech medical cart give way to computerized models.

These units offer enhanced security, the ability of the doctor and nurse to enter or update records instantly, and the understanding that this system protects the patient’s privacy more effectively than traditional methods. Many computer carts use hot-swappable batteries to ensure a continuous source of power.

In the healthcare industry, healthcare professionals depend on digital technology to continuously improve patient care outcomes. This tech ranges from medical cart computers to artificial intelligence for predicting patient treatments and healthcare outcomes based on several variables.

Electronic Health Records

One of the benefits of a mobile computer cart is that the doctors and nurses can access patients’ information instantly, saving time accessing or submitting information. This allows hospital personnel to attend to other vital tasks and spend more time with their patients.

Besides saving time, medical cart computers increase efficiency and reduce the probability of errors. Medical errors can cost lives, so any system that allows you and your staff to avoid complications is essential.


medical cart computers

The patient places trust in the doctor’s expertise, deferring to their guidance on serious health issues that can directly affect the patient’s quality of life. This is the foundation of the doctor-patient relationship — trust, respect, and open communication.

By providing a mobile laptop or desktop computer, you can keep the patient up-to-date regarding testing and procedures. The inclusion of a computer system and monitor allows you to show the patient images, charts, X-rays, and anything else relevant to the individual’s condition. Communicating this information to your patient can also help during the shared decision-making process in patient-focused healthcare.

If you take the time to ensure the patient’s understanding, they can make an informed decision regarding their treatment options. You can also have the patient engage directly with the computer cart, verifying the accuracy of the information that you’ve entered. Involving your patient can increase their feeling of control and trust in you.


Healthcare facilities process significant quantities of confidential patient data every day. A doctor filling out paper forms and handing them to an administrator for later logging into a central computer system is becoming increasingly obsolete.

This poses internal security problems, takes longer, and wastes paper. In paper form, unauthorized personnel can access patient medical records, compromising privacy, an unacceptable practice in a modern hospital.

By entering patient data into a mobile computer system as it becomes available to the healthcare professional, you can inspire trust in your patients that their confidential records are being treated with the proper respect. These computer systems benefit from several different security systems, including password protection and encryption, limiting access to specific authorization.

Improve Patient Outcomes By Building Trusting Relationships

Medical computer carts can help your patients feel their data is accurate and well-protected at the point-of-care. Call us at (512) 756-7300, and we’ll help you determine the best standard or custom cart design and configuration to suit your staff and patient’s needs.

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