Mobile medical computer carts

Mobile workstation carts have become an essential part of all modern healthcare facilities. Not only do they improve the work efficiency of nurses and other medical staff, but it also saves them time, which they can spend on patient care.

Learn why equipping your facility with mobile computer carts is a cost-effective yet critical investment.

Improves Your Staff’s Work Performance

We want our nurses, doctors, and other medical staff to be as dedicated to patient interaction as possible. Yet, having to continually run back and forth between patients and stationary workstations cuts into the time spent on patient treatment and healthcare, reducing overall effectiveness.

Mobile medical computer carts solve this problem by allowing your personnel to access information, review electronic health records, and perform data entry right from the patient’s bedside without returning to a stationary computer.

Usage of stationary workstations introduces long delays between the first contact with the patient and data entry, which can be several hours and result in incomplete or erroneous information entered into the database.

Preventing these potential errors is essential for increasing work efficiency, and it also saves lives, reducing the risk for costly medical malpractice litigations.

Relying on stationary workstations for data entries results in congestions around the facility’s computers. Because these computers are often shared with doctors and other personnel, staff may waste significant amounts of time waiting for a machine to become available.

Mobile computer carts eliminate this issue, allowing nurses and doctors to stay with their patients and enter data and information during patient interactions.

Studies have proven that the more time nurses spend with their patients, the more satisfied patients are with their care and treatment. Increased time spent on nurse-patient interactions also means improved patient safety, as it allows them to be present at all times and respond to potential emergencies immediately.

Optimizes the Healthcare Environment

mobile workstations

Scott-Clark Medical mobile workstations are lightweight, compact, fully adjustable, and customizable to meet any healthcare facility’s needs. Our mobile workstations employ durable yet lightweight chassis, constructed out of extruded aluminum alloy and stainless steel, up to 75% lighter than other commonly used materials for similar products.

Lightweight mobile workstations allow users to move them quickly and effectively, letting personnel bring medication or point-of-care equipment where it’s needed and when it matters.

Mobile workstations featuring multi-wheeled bases and full height adjustment knobs can be rotated and adjusted to the correct height for any user, regardless of stature. Although fully mobile and adjustable, engaging the wheel lock system allows you to turn a particular workstation into a semi-permanent fixture if you need it.

The minimal dimensions allow these carts to take up less space, further improving patient and staff safety when used and optimizing storage when not currently needed.

Adaptability Is Key

Quality mobile medical computer carts may be customized to fit your facility’s needs with many elements, allowing you to create custom carts to answer all your needs and requirements.

Mobile carts are compatible with standard computer workstations, including:

  • Desktop and laptop workstations
  • All-in-one computers
  • Displays and monitors (from 15” to 24”)
  • Multi-screen setups
  • Standard peripherals such as keyboards and mice

Specialized equipment may also be installed, such as paper or wristband printers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, document scanners, magnetic card readers, vital signs recording devices, or IV poles.

Specific carts may also accept additional elements, such as mounting solutions for medication drawers, storage drawers for patient belongings, and containers for your sharps, trash, and other miscellaneous items. Every element of a mobile cart is easy to clean and configurable for left- or right-handed use.

Battery-Powered Continuous Operation

Rather than using power cords and wall outlets to provide the workstations with power, our mobile carts employ state-of-the-art, advanced battery technology in the form of Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) batteries.

With a battery life of 6 to 10 hours (varies depending on connected equipment), FMCPT batteries last longer than other battery-powered solutions. They charge quickly (3 hours for a full charge from empty) and are easy to remove and install on your mobile carts.

A single cart can support 2 batteries simultaneously, allowing the equipment connected to remain powered even during extended shifts. Each battery functions as a medical-grade power outlet, allowing a mobile cart to power your facility’s equipment as well as its peripherals.

The hot-swap function lets the user remove a battery without shutting down the workstation, allowing for quick replacement of a dead or low-charge battery while still being powered by another. With smart battery swapping and management, workstations may remain powered continuously without interruptions.

Using battery-powered workstations also presents fewer safety risks than traditional equipment plugged into standard wall-mounted power outlets. Power cords can be pulled out, tripped over, or interfere with the cart’s wheels.

Equipment using standard power cords is also vulnerable to power failures and brownouts, which can shut down or damage equipment even in facilities equipped with backup generators. FMCPT batteries eliminate the need for power cords and are unaffected by power issues.

FMCPT battery packs employ Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, one of the safest and most durable for medical-grade applications.

LiFePO4 cells are far more cost-effective than standard lead-acid cells and significantly reduce the risks associated with battery power cell failures, such as leakages of sulfuric acid, which can damage internal organs or induce blindness.

The Takeaway

Mobile computer carts are essential equipment that significantly improves the efficiency of any healthcare facility. Efficient data entry and management are proven to reduce medical errors and improve patient care.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we want to help you help others. Our top-of-the-line mobile computer carts are among the best investments for healthcare providers, providing your personnel with modern, high-quality equipment, allowing them to give your patients the best care possible.

To learn more about our medical carts and how they can help improve your healthcare facility, call us at (512) 756-7300.

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