Information technology has invigorated the healthcare industry. Technology companies are constantly implementing new devices and systems to improve patient care and make the workplace more efficient for medical professionals.

One such development is Portable power systems for mobile workstations. This high-capacity battery technology makes it possible to transport a mobile workstation from patient to patient, carrying everything the operator needs to administer fast and effective care.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, new technology is helping to optimize workflow and improve the well-being of patients and staff alike.

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The benefits of a portable power system

On January 1st, 2014, new legislation came in, mandating public and private healthcare providers to adopt electronic medical records. Ninety-five percent of hospitals have now abandoned paper records and manual filing methods altogether. Portable power systems have helped to make this transition a lot smoother.

In some medical facilities, portable computers have replaced desk-based systems altogether. Many healthcare professionals now use computers on medical carts to view patient histories, check test results, and examine CAT scans, MRIs, and x-rays.

Improved record-keeping and data protection

Previously, the process of documenting patient information was time-consuming and prone to human error. For this reason, electronic medical records have increased in popularity over recent years.

Nurses and doctors are now able to recall and input patient notes at the bedside during treatment, instead of taking them down by hand and transferring them later.

Before the rise of technology, doctors and nurses had to carry paper records around, potentially exposing facilities to data breaches and the legal implications that follow. Storing records in an electronic database eliminates this risk by keeping data secure, as staff need a password to access sensitive patient information.

Optimized workflow and increased productivity

Healthcare professionals want to get as much work done during their shift as possible, and portable power systems can help. Medical staff can update and view electronic records immediately using a mobile workstation.

Doctors and nurses can spend between two to four hours out of an eight-hour shift on paperwork. Mobile workstations drastically reduce time spent on administrative duties, freeing it up for additional tasks.

The process of administering medication to patients is also significantly streamlined when using a mobile medical workstation. Healthcare staff can dispense all the medication they need for their next round in one go and lock it away in secure drawers built into their mobile workstation.

FMCP — Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology

None of these benefits would be possible without the portable power technology that keeps computers, vital signs monitors, and other equipment running.

Scott-Clark Medical’s proprietary Flexible Mobile Cart Power technology, or FMCP, allows medical staff to easily charge and swap batteries at any time without having to cut power to the workstation. Operators can either plug the cart directly into a power source or swap depleted batteries out as necessary, via “hot-swapping” technology.

Just one of our high-capacity lithium-ion phosphate batteries runs for six to 10 hours at a time and using two or more batteries in conjunction can provide more than enough power to last for an entire shift.

portable power stations for mobile workstations

Final words

Medical facilities are constantly striving to provide better care for their patients. Portable power systems for mobile workstations are one of the many advanced technological solutions contributing to a more efficient healthcare industry.

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