Mobile Medical Workstations

The fast-paced world of healthcare is always changing, but one constant remains firm—quality care is a top priority. Achieving quality care can be difficult. An inefficient workflow strategy or disorganization of supplies, records, and medications can lead to long wait times for patients as well as errors in patient care. You can increase efficiency and patient satisfaction with the use of a mobile medical workstation cart on wheels.

The benefit of mobile medical carts in the health industry has been proven. When used to their fullest, these workstations are a multi-purpose tool that can increase efficiency, lessen stress for staff, and boost the quality of patient care. While not all carts are battery powered, a facility will get the greatest benefit when using carts that are powered by battery.

Increase Bedside Efficiency

Battery power on your mobile medical workstation cart on wheels allows you to quickly and efficiently evaluate and care for patients directly where they’re at. Whether that means you work with them in the office or at the bedside in a hospital setting, having battery powered carts allows you to move freely from space to space and take your equipment with you.

Electronic medical records are accessible immediately when treating patients using a computer on wheels. These medical carts are equipped with a laptop or computer built directly into the cart. When staff needs to document a new symptom, check allergy lists, or cross reference medications they can do so all while speaking with the patient directly.

Battery powered carts also allow staff to take blood pressures, oxygen readings, or monitor the heart all from a single, multi-purpose cart. This increased efficiency takes stress off of staff and boosts confidence with patients that they’re receiving the best possible care.

Create a Smoother Workflow in Your Clinic

Medical staff are on their feet for the majority of their shift. Making constant visits to rooms, charting, tracking down supplies, and retrieving medications is a never-ending mission. Imagine making a significant cut on this traffic with the use of a single tool.

A battery powered mobile medical cart can help. When equipped with the right power station, these carts can last for a full shift. They can be charged within two hours, and they can even be outfitted with hot swap batteries to prevent a unit from ever losing a charge.

Battery powered carts can be customized with drawers, bins, hooks, and locks to keep other common supplies close at hand. These powerful tools prevent the constant runaround caused by

  • Going back and forth to check medical records
  • Searching for a fully charged medical cart
  • Searching for supplies and medications

mobile medical workstation cart

Having battery power allows your staff to focus on patient care rather than the technicalities of the steady back and forth. This smoother workflow will benefit staff by lightening their workload.

Modern medical carts are lightweight and ergonomically designed. This makes them easy to transport between patients. They can be properly maintained with sanitations wipes, simple vacuuming to prevent dust build up, and regular maintenance of battery systems to ensure safety.

The importance of working with battery powered mobile workstations is self-evident. Greater efficiency and a less stressed staff lead to greater patient satisfaction, and that is a benefit for your entire facility. When you work with a trusted medical supplier, you can be sure you’re getting the medical carts that work best for your clinic.

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