Mobile hospital carts are an increasingly common sight in healthcare facilities. The medical and technological communities have been working together for many years to advance patient care, and the mobile cart is a significant development in this area.

Because there are multiple departments within hospitals, it’s essential to customize your medical computer carts to maximize each ward’s benefits. At Scott-Clark Medical, we work with you to equip each computer cart on wheels with the required accessories for a wide range of scenarios that occur daily in healthcare facilities.

To understand why there is increasing use of hospital carts on wheels in the healthcare industry, it’s crucial to know the benefits they bring to medical teams.

Hospital carts on wheels

Access to Patient Records

It is inefficient for medical staff to put notes into a paper file and an administrative staff member to add the information onto a computer system later. This duplication leads to increased costs and could also affect the patient’s treatment plan by delaying the relevant data transference.

Physicians and nurses with computers on wheels can access electronic health records at the point of care. Because the patient data is available in real-time medical staff can implement a treatment plan at the earliest opportunity.

Other hospital departments that provide imaging services or laboratory tests can upload their results. The electronic medical records instantly update and are available to view on mobile computer carts throughout the facility.

Improved Patient Communication

Patients are naturally worried when they are in hospital. Effective and efficient communication can help ease their concerns and improve the physician/patient relationship that is crucial for achieving the best treatment outcomes.

Because medical staff can take mobile medical carts into patient rooms, they can show the convalescent scans and test results on the computer screen. If there is information that is challenging to understand or explain, physicians can use Wi-Fi connectivity to display images or diagrams that could help the patient understand their condition.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can provide workstations on wheels with a height-adjustable feature, enabling medical professionals to lower the screen to the patient’s bedside level. This functionality makes it easier to view the screen, and the physician can sit at the patient’s level when explaining the information.

Patient Confidentiality

The medical industry has a duty to keep patient information confidential. There are stringent data protection standards that ensure healthcare facilities take every reasonable precaution to prevent unauthorized access to medical records, and adherence is essential for gaining patient trust.

When using paper files, staff could misplace the documentations, or a hospital visitor could have access to the information if it is on a desk or in a filing cabinet. By using a laptop computer on a mobile medical cart, medical professionals can view notes after entering a secure password.

After adding their comments, the staff member can lock the system, eliminating the risk of unapproved access by a member of the public. Because medical professionals may have different access levels, it is possible to provide variable access to specific employees for an added security layer.

Improved Workflow

When medical staff return to a central administrative area to get patient notes, queue at a pharmacy to retrieve medications, or spend time in a storeroom locating equipment, this is time they are not on the ward.

This workflow issue can cause delays in reaching the point of care, fewer minutes spent with patients, and can cost the healthcare facility money over time. At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide hospital carts on wheels with plenty of storage space so employees can spend more time on patient care.

There are side baskets for less sensitive equipment such as gloves, gowns, masks, and disinfectant sprays. Staff can store other materials such as syringes and medications in securely locked drawers.

There is no need to worry about losing a key during their shift because each employee can wear an encoded keycard on a lanyard that provides access to the cabinets. Proximity scanners on the carts recognize when a keycard is within a preset distance and opens the drawers.

There is no need to return to a central area until the employee needs to restock their computer cart, ensuring they can spend the time necessary to treat their patients.

Hospital carts battery

Extended Battery Life

Many older mobile medical carts require charging at a wall socket, taking them off the ward, and rendering them useless to the medical team. At Scott-Clark Medical, we use our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to keep our units working for as long as the team is working.

Because there is a charging device on the mobile computer cart, one battery refreshes while another powers the unit. Audible and visual alerts inform the user when it is time to change the battery, and any team member can make the substitution in approximately 30 seconds using our hot swap battery system.

The medical staff can repeat this process indefinitely, ensuring the cart is available for use 24 hours per day.

Space-Saving Design

Although there are many features on a Scott-Clark Medical mobile computing cart, they are also compact. The slimline design means they don’t take up much storage space, and you can even remove the computer screen and wall mount the device to keep it safe.

Because we use lightweight materials, it is easy to move the cart into the preferred position to ensure you have room to carry on with other tasks.

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