Medical carts are a versatile piece of equipment that can boost your healthcare facility’s workflow and efficiency. However, to obtain the most effective results, it’s essential to equip your cart with the right accessories.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can customize your mobile laptop unit with the latest technology and manufacturing equipment to ensure you can provide high-level patient care on every ward.

Before you purchase your mobile medical cart, consider adding some innovative accessories.

Well-Accessorized Medical Carts

Biometric Locking Drawers

Medications and potentially dangerous medical devices such as sharps need to be secure when medical staff perform their ward visits. Biometric locking drawers offer superior security to their lock and key alternatives, only granting access to personnel who carry a correct encoded keycard.

Proximity scanners detect when the keycard is within a preset distance and allows access to sensitive items.

Barcode Wands

On arrival at the point of care, a physician or nurse can scan a patient’s wristband, with a barcode wand, with notes and all relevant information instantly appearing on the laptop screen. Should the patient require medication, staff can open the electronic locking drawer and remove the appropriate medicine.

A scanner makes a record of which physician accesses the drawer, the medication they remove, the patient they prescribe the medicines to, and the time and date the transaction occurred. This information can automatically upload to the patient’s file, and there is no need for the physician to note the prescription manually.

Apart from saving time, this feature also provides a transparent report displaying that the physician acted appropriately, and the patient received the correct medicines. On wards where patients may forget they have received medication, this system eliminates the risk of accidental overdose.

Vital Signs Devices

Nurses often need access to vital signs recording devices to measure blood pressure and heart rate. A mobile medical cart allows them to move swiftly between patients, taking the electronic equipment with them.

This quick access to devices can also be a significant advantage during emergencies when taking vital signs reading is required before deciding on an appropriate response to the patient’s condition.

Document Printers

It can be challenging for a patient to remember the information a physician supplies to them at the point of care. The medical terminology may be complicated, or the patient may not take in the explanation at the time. It can be helpful for medics to print off written information that the patient can refer to later.

Physicians can also use the Wi-Fi-enabled laptop to look up images and information to help the patient understand their condition and treatment options. Because the physician-patient relationship is related to patient outcomes, this feature could encourage a stronger relationship.

Computer Accessories

Scott-Clark Medical can equip your mobile computer carts with different sized monitors according to your needs. We also offer a dual monitor cart that allows you to use two screens.

You can add a wireless keyboard and an optical mouse for further convenience.

Hazardous Waste Containers

Medics can spend significant amounts of time putting on protective clothing, using sharps that become contaminated, and wiping down surfaces that could carry an infection. By accessorizing your mobile medical cart with hazardous waste materials bins, you offer staff the advantage of disposing of potentially dangerous waste at the point of care.

Medics can carry on with the rest of their shift without needing to walk to a central waste storage point to dispose of their materials.

Extra Storage Baskets

Not all medical equipment needs to be locked in secure drawers. Medical teams require easy access to materials such as PPE and disinfectant wipes and sprays. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can equip your mobile cart with extra side baskets for carrying these essential items.

There is no need for staff to make regular trips to a central equipment storage room to restock on materials because they can take enough supplies with them to last throughout their shift.

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