An essential feature of mobile medication storage carts for any personnel transporting or dispensing medication is their onboard security features.

Rules and regulations differ according to federal, state, and local laws, although they generally dictate that any staff transporting medications must keep them under lock and key to avoid theft or misplacement. Medication dispensed to patients also needs to be accurately logged to ensure the administrative trail is up-to-date at all times.

Only personnel authorized by a medical facility’s Director of Pharmacy are permitted to access medication. Any lapse or violation of medication security protocol is subject to disciplinary action, so it is crucial the utmost care is taken to keep any medication safe and secure during transportation and dispensing.

Scott-Clark medication storage carts

Scott-Clark Medical provides medication storage carts that are properly equipped to handle legislative requirements. Carts can be configured to suit a wide array of medical environments, down to the style and number of drawers included. Barcoded Medication Administration-based storage assists with inventory control and the prevention of human error when dispensing medication.

medication storage carts

We make all our carts using a lightweight aluminum alloy for ease of movement. There is a variety of attachments available to suit all hospital computer systems including small form-factor PCs and tablets. Some models also include space for dual-screen systems, sound technology, and printers for wristbands or labels.

Medication storage carts ensure the secure storage and transportation of medication from the dispensary all the way to the patient’s bedside.

Each drawer features one of our robust and reliable patented electronic drawer locks, which staff can disengage with individual passcodes, keys, or proximity-based keycards. This electronic locking system allows senior staff to trace every opening or every drawer all the way back to a specific member of the team.

When a drawer is unlocked, it is automatically pushed out, indicating to the user that the medication stored within can be accessed. This not only provides a visual confirmation that the unlocking process has succeeded, but it also draws attention to any instances of human error where a drawer is unlocked by mistake.

FMCP lithium battery system

Our FMCP lithium-ion battery system enables each cart to run off multiple batteries at once, allowing users to swap them out for charging as necessary, in addition to being able to charge them on the cart.

Each battery provides 330 watt-hours of running time, ensuring our medication storage carts can last for an entire shift. They also include a highly visible battery status indicator, so personnel can easily see when batteries need to be replaced or charged.

Customized options

Other customization options include disposal units for sharps and other medical equipment, as well as mounting fixtures for vital signs monitors, PACS technology, and larger displays. We also offer space-saving semi-stationary medication storage carts.

storage carts

Scott-Clark Medical understands the need for optimal security whenever medical personnel are transporting and dispensing medication. That’s why we provide a wide range of products to suit any medical environment.

All our medication storage carts feature durable and easy-to-use security technology, so medical personnel are free to go about their duties confident they’re working safely within their state’s legal guidelines.

This not only ensures that all hospital staff is working within the law at all times but, most importantly, it allows hard-working medical professionals to focus on doing what they do best — providing exceptional care to their patients.

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