A reputable manufacturer can advise you on what to look for in an industrial rolling cart or a mobile medical cart. At Scott-Clark Medical, we provide equipment to businesses requiring reliable power systems for their order picking, warehousing, and point of sale (POS) industrial carts.

However, our mobile medical carts are in ever-increasing demand within healthcare facilities seeking to improve their efficiency and increase patient care standards.

We take great pride in using advanced technology and durable manufacturing processes to create mobile computer carts that contribute to healthcare. Before purchasing your medical carts, there are several factors to consider.

Mobile Medical Cart Battery System

In any busy environment, there is the opportunity for dust and dirt to build up on surfaces, potentially damaging the moving components and contributing to the spread of infection. At Scott-Clark Medical, we use a combination of stainless steel, aluminum, and robust plastics that are easy to wipe down.

Not only does this make it easier for staff to keep the unit sterile, but it provides industrial-style heavy-duty support with a lightweight design. Because many healthcare professionals use our medical carts to transport sensitive electronic equipment, we use rubber wheels known as conductive casters.

These wheels prevent static electricity from transferring from the floor and traveling to medical devices. If you were to use standard wheels, the buildup of electric power could interfere with the equipment, potentially rendering it useless in an emergency.

Mobile Medical Cart Battery System

One of the most significant components of a mobile medical cart is the battery system. If the unit needs to return to a wall socket to recharge, or the battery only lasts for a few hours, staff could be without the unit’s use for extended periods.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we use our patented Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) to provide medical staff with access to a mobile cart around the clock. While one battery provides power to the unit, another recharges while on the port built-in to the cart.

The audio and visual cues alert staff members when it is time to change the battery. They can use our hot-swap system to keep the cart running in as little as 30 seconds. Your team can repeat this process indefinitely, giving them a clinical advantage by having all their equipment on one unit and with them at all times.

Mobile Medical Carts Security

Secure medication storage is essential in any clinical setting, and you can accessorize your mobile medical cart with biometric locking drawers. Rather than a lock and key drawer that may be easier to force open, electronic locking drawers only provide access to an authorized staff member carrying an encoded key card.

There are regulatory requirements for storing medication safely, and at Scott-Clark Medical, we use superior materials and systems to help you meet your goals.

This feature is useful for staff working in a ward where patients may suffer from substance addiction. Physicians can bring the medication required for patient treatment to the point of care, confident that patients can not gain unauthorized access to pharmaceuticals.

Staff can also respond to emergencies more rapidly if they have immediate access to medication on a mobile cart. The ability to treat patients using all the available equipment could be crucial for achieving better outcomes.

Mobile Medical Cart Warranty

A mobile medical cart is a long-term investment in your patient care program. At Scott-Clark Medical, we offer a standard 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Mobile Medical Carts

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Scott-Clark Medical works closely with our healthcare customers to customize their carts to precise specifications. It is essential to work with an experienced and trusted supplier of high-quality mobile medical carts to ensure your patients and staff benefit from your investment.

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