Laptop carts and mobile workstations are an increasingly common sight in medical facilities. The healthcare and technology industries have always enjoyed a close relationship, and as modern technological advancements increase at rapid speed, so do the medical community’s opportunities to improve workplace productivity and patient care.

Patient care requires efficiency, organization, and the ability to adapt to changing healthcare scenarios. Mobile workstations provide trained medical staff with the necessary equipment to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

There are several benefits a laptop cart can bring to your clinic or hospital setting.

Laptop Carts & Mobile Workstations

Improved Patient Care

Patients are at the heart of medical care, and by using a mobile workstation, a physician and their team can deliver better patient service. Physicians can use the Wi-Fi-enabled laptop to review notes and test results with their patients, involving them in their treatment plan. It is also possible to lower the height-adjustable monitor to the patient’s eye-line when they are in bed, so they feel part of the conversation and contribute to their own care.

Point of care cart treatment can involve providing medication. With a mobile workstation, the physician can prescribe the pharmaceuticals at the bedside and record that the patient has taken possession of their medicine, reducing the risk of prescription duplication.

Reduce Workplace Injuries

Medical staff rarely stand still. They move room to room, lean over to assess their patients, straighten up to write notes, and are often on their feet for extended periods. Joint pain can be an issue, as can back, neck, and knee problems. However, by keeping an ergonomic and lightweight computer cart with them at all times, they can work at a suitable height.

The standing desk holds a pull-out keyboard, they can tilt the LCD monitor to their preferred position, and the non-friction casters ensure the cart moves effortlessly across the ward.

Improved Organization

A medical team requires access to various materials and devices at different times during their shift. Stethoscopes, medical gloves, masks and gowns, medications, vital sign devices, catheters, and many more items are often in a centrally located storeroom. Even if several stores are on each floor, it still takes time to retrieve each item and bring it to the point of care.

With a mobile laptop cart, you can take all the required devices and materials on your ward round. You can also customize the workstation to hold disinfectant materials, general ward devices, and even specialist devices only needed in an emergency.

While this system is more efficient than using static storage locations, it can also improve patient outcomes because you can respond more quickly to their needs.

General Ward Devices

Improve Patient Confidentiality

Keeping easily accessible patient charts at the end of the bed is an outdated practice. Duplicating information also increases the risk of a data breach, and an administrative assistant no longer needs to type up a medic’s handwritten notes.

Using a mobile workstation, the physician can open the password-protected laptop at the point of care and enter their notes. The file is instantly updated and is only accessible by those with the correct authorizations.

Final Thoughts

Laptop carts and mobile workstations bring numerous benefits to a healthcare setting. By improving patient care and staff satisfaction standards, they can also help boost profitability, allowing you to invest in your medical business.

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