Mobile medical laptop carts help healthcare facilities improve their workflow, achieve better patient outcomes, and increase overall profitability. The versatility of these innovative computer carts allows staff to benefit from a wide range of clinical advantages and ensures they can work efficiently throughout their shift.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we can customize your laptop carts to meet your precise specifications, allowing you to choose the equipment that provides the most assistance for your employees.

Before outfitting your mobile computer cart, there are several key advantages to consider.

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More Time with Patients

One of the most crucial aspects of patient healthcare is ensuring physicians can spend the maximum amount of time at the point of care. Patients may have many questions about their condition, potential treatment plans, or require a physician to explain complex medical information.

When using a mobile laptop cart, there is no need for a physician to return to a static computer bank to retrieve patient notes. The computer on the unit can use Wi-Fi to connect to the central hospital system, providing access to patient files.

This feature ensures staff can move quickly between patients, spending extra time answering questions, and explaining treatment plans. At Scott-Clark Medical, we manufacture mobile laptop carts with a height-adjustable functionality, allowing medical staff to lower the computer screen’s height to the patient’s eye level.

This function is useful when patients like to read their files and use diagrams and images to help them understand complicated medical terms. If each department in a clinical facility can add notes in real-time to patient files, the information is instantly available to the physician, potentially allowing them to begin treatment plans more quickly.

By receiving the latest data as quickly as possible, medical teams could achieve more positive patient outcomes.

Access to Infection Control Equipment

Infection control is a priority in every healthcare facility, and often there is a centrally located storeroom for medical staff to retrieve protective equipment. However, this area can be a source of infection transference, with staff coming into contact with colleagues that may have picked up a contaminant when working on the ward.

Employees can stock their mobile laptop cart with enough gowns, masks, gloves, and visors to complete a ward round at the start of their shift. There is also plenty of space to keep antiseptic wipes and sprays to ensure medical staff can also sterilize surfaces at the point of care.

Before treating any patient, physicians and nurses can wipe the cart down to ensure it meets hygiene standards and wear their protective equipment before interacting with the patient. After treatment, staff can remove their potentially contaminated clothing, placing them safely in the integrated hazardous waste containers.

At the end of their shift, the employees can dispose of these smaller storage devices’ contents into the main waste bin for destruction.

Less Administration Required

Scott-Clark Medical can equip your mobile laptop cart with barcode scanners to significantly reduce the administration medics need to complete. When at the point of care, a physician can use a scanner to read a patient’s wristband, instantly seeing the relevant data on the computer screen.

There is no need to enter patient information to bring up their file, as the barcode scanner performs this task. Should a patient require medication, a mobile laptop cart can make it easier and provide accountability when medical staff is working with pharmaceuticals.

When a physician removes a medication from their cart, the scanners record which medicine they prescribe, how much they administer, the date and time of the transaction, and the names of the medic and the patient. A physician does not need to enter this information into the patient’s file because the system automatically updates.

This feature reduces the risk of a medic forgetting to update their notes, and because it happens in real-time, there is less chance of a colleague prescribing the same medicine should they also work with the patient.

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Improved Communication with Colleagues

Many healthcare facilities have regular training sessions to ensure employees have the most up-to-date medical information. However, it can be challenging to find a time when all your medics can be in the same room at one time. Using the large screen monitor on a mobile laptop cart, medical teams can communicate over a remote video call.

Because they can be in separate locations, it may be easier to schedule your teams to connect with their colleagues and share information. Should you wish to show staff a training video, you can place it online, and they can watch it when they are not treating patients.

Because any staff member can use a mobile laptop cart, you can communicate with all of your team without leaving the office. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can equip your computer carts with large screen detachable monitors that you can also place on a wall mount, allowing a room of medical staff to view the screen simultaneously.

When the meeting is over, your employees can place the monitor back on the mobile cart and quickly return to the hospital ward.

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