Mobile Medication Carts for Healthcare

The healthcare industry today is defined by rapid advancements in technology. The increasing advancements in computing, electronic medical records, and other technological advancements have changed the way we care for patients. Underpinning this all is the use of portable laptop computers and the medical carts for laptops that transport them to where they need to go.

The Power of Computers in Hospitals in The Digital Age

In the digital age we all live in today, computers are part of the glue that holds the hospital and the healthcare professionals within it together. Computers allow health professionals to share real-time, current information with each other and collaborate to improve the care they are providing.

This includes documentation as well as storing important health information to be shared between professionals in electronic health records, such as X-rays, blood test results, CT scans, and consultation with physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and much more.

For example, a physician may review blood test and chest X-ray on the computer to confirm that a patient has pneumonia and may enter an order in the computer for an intravenous antibiotic.

The nurse will then use the computer to:

• Verify the order;
• Check that the patient is not allergic to the antibiotic;
• Ensure that the dosage is safe for that patient; and
• Scan the IV bag and the patient wristband prior to administering the medication.

Laptop versus Desktop Computers


When it comes to patient care and information technology, portability and flexibility are the keys to an efficient operation.
Desktop computers, generally speaking, have a great deal of computing power. However, without a wheeled computer cart, they lack portability.

Laptop computers, on the other hand, are far more lightweight and for this reason are more easily moved from place to place using a medical laptop cart on wheels.

The advantages of this portability in the healthcare setting are innumerable. Oftentimes, a physician may wish to review laboratory results, X-ray results, or another aspect of the electronic medical record with the hospital patient. Having the ease of portability to bring a laptop computer cart to the bedside makes a big difference when reviewing medical documents with patients and concerned family members using a medical laptop cart on wheels.

Laptop computers are also generally far more useful in a clinic setting. For clinics that are mobile, laptop computers can be moved from site to site more easily and allow for easier setup and access to records.

Even within brick and mortar clinics, wheeled carts that allow healthcare professionals to roll a desktop or laptop computer around when they go from room to room providing care is extremely helpful.

For home health visits by nurses and other medical professionals who visit clients directly in their homes, laptop computers are essential. They are used to review medications and procedures and also to document the provision of care and administration of medications at the time when these procedures are done.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we will work with your team every step of the way to find a medical cart for laptops that suit your facility and the needs of your care providers.

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