The medical field is ever-evolving to lower costs, increase efficiency, improve patient experience, and to increase the quality of care. The way patient information is stored and recorded is no exception. Most medical providers have implemented mobile computing to improve on all the above, and then some.

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What Is Mobile Computing?

Mobile computing involves many different technological products that can be transported easily, enabling doctors, nurses, and staff to access patient information, medical reference, test results, and more, in seconds. This may involve, but is certainly not limited to, looking at x-rays bedside from a tablet, the nurse typing information into a mobile computer system or laptop while speaking to patients, or doctors ordering prescriptions with the click of a button.

Mobile computing is especially convenient in a high-volume setting, such as an emergency room or trauma center. Clinicians can grab any mobile device nearby and access information on a patient in seconds.

The use of mobile computing helps save people’s lives.

Why Go Mobile?

There are numerous advantages to implementing mobile computing in the medical field.  First, it gives clinicians easy and immediate access to a patient’s entire medical history.  It also allows clinicians to consult reference materials if needed right there in the examination room.

Mobile computing also improves the patient experience. Patients are given increased, higher quality, face-to-face time with their clinicians. Patients can also avoid an unnecessary visit to a hospital with the amount of technology the doctor can access instantly from his or her office.

With the decrease in hard-copies of patient information, hospitals can better secure patient records. Mobile technology is encrypted with the highest security to ensure sensitive information is only accessed by those with clearance to do so.  

There are also fewer errors with the use of mobile technology due to typing information in the computer immediately, and never having to rely on handwritten notes. In addition, if a patient needs to update their personal information, such as an address or phone number, it can easily be done by the provider on their mobile device.

Ease of Access

Mobile computing is made even more convenient with the use of storage or transportation equipment.

Medical carts allow clinicians to easily bring computers and other technology from room-to-room, cutting down the time it takes to prepare for visiting each patient. Also, most medical carts have storage built in for peripheral tools, medications, and other customizable equipment.

Scott-Clark Medical Carts

Scott-Clark medical carts have helped eliminate many power issues often faced in a healthcare environment. Scott-Clark carts come with lifetime batteries, can be customized to the provider’s need, are environmentally friendly, and have no parts that cause unnecessary or distracting noises.

Scott-Clark carts are among the lightest products on the market. Our carts require less charge time. Many options are available, depending on your need. Scott-Clark medical carts are available in a variety of configurations and power system options.

Scott-Clark medical carts have many peripheral options as well, such as ID scanners, printers, or electronic signature pads, just to name a few. Providers can choose from many other options as well, such as multiple screens, locked drawers, sharps disposal containers, or chart holders.

Cart options include medication carts, point-of-care carts, and completely customizable carts based on the needs of the provider. There are several power systems available, including the patented FMCP – Flexible Mobile Cart Power technology.


The FMCP is a power system that will work for nearly all battery-operated products and comes with a 5-year warranty. One particularly impressive and convenient aspect of the FMCP is the ability to charge batteries that are still in use, meaning they do not have to be removed to be charged, which increases patient care.  

Future of Mobile Computing

As the technological age continues, the use of mobile devices will continue to evolve, including the demand for further innovation in the field of mobile computing.  Scott-Clark products will also continue to evolve, and newer models will be available as this happens.

We also offer refurbishing and retrofitting for all current products.

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