Medical Cart Casters: Mobility and Maneuverability

With an extensive range of peripheral options and innovative batteries available to add to your custom, medication, refurbished, and point-of-care carts, you could be forgiven for overlooking the most important feature at the base; the casters. Medical cart casters are the set of wheels at the base of the cart which is important because they provide you with mobility as well as maneuverability, meaning medical professionals can do their job efficiently.

Why are quality casters important?

Quality casters are an absolute essential for every medical professional who is working against time to see patients. Casters from previous eras were renowned for being rigid, which prevented them from being maneuvered well, resulting in lost time and longer patient waiting times. Up-to-date casters have a wide range of benefits making for a much better user experience for medical professionals as well as patients.

Solid yet quiet construction

Medical carts carry an expensive load of equipment, so it is essential that casters are made from state-of-the-art industrial strength material which is designed to last. This is important when you consider the weight of the carts; casters are designed to make the cart maneuverable regardless of the total weight the cart is carrying. With many casters designed to withstand weights of 300 pounds, they also give medical professionals confidence they can push or pull their cart without worrying about the risk of back strain or the worry they won’t have the strength to move their expensive equipment.

Premium medical casters function in complete silence. This is important because equipment transfers can occur at any time of the day or night, meaning sleeping patients could be potentially disturbed by anything which makes a noise. where to buy oxycodone online without having any prescription, A quiet calming environment is a key component of patient care, as the possibility of more machines being moved around can add to patient worries and stress. Also, casters are smooth, meaning you don’t have to push them hard to cross onto a new surface. This is a great benefit, as you don’t want to run the risk of pushing off any expensive tools, such as those on a medical cart, which would be costly to repair.

Resistance to substances

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All medical equipment runs the risk of coming into contact with medications, contagions, corrosives, and hazardous substances. The same goes for the casters, which may inadvertently run through spills or get splattered with liquids. Luckily, designers built durable and sturdy medical cart casters that can withstand the wear and tear associated with hospital use.

In addition to being strong enough to withstand the effects of spilled liqids, casters have been designed to keep out any buildup, meaning the casters won’t get dirty on the inside. This is important because dirt inside a caster slows the wheel down, creating a creaky cart that is hard to push.

Reliable breaking system that leaves no tracks

When you’ve maneuvered your cart into place, you want to keep it in place. Casters are designed with reliable breaks that keep your cart stationary. buy oxycodone 10mg online without a prescription, The best casters have dual breaks which lock both the wheel’s rotation as well as the casters ability to swivel – giving you exceptional flexibility when it comes to repositioning your cart. You don’t want to run the risk of your cart being pushed away from you while it is in service as that would be a risk to both patient health and the continuity of care all patients require.

The best casters leave no indents and no track lines on hospital or clinic floors. This is a plus as hospital surfaces are required to be clean at all times. Hospital cleaners are in demand, and anything that demands their time increases the wait time for cleaning, making track-free casters an excellent innovation.

Multiple surface casters swivel


All our carts come with multiple surface casters, meaning your cart will be free to move regardless of the flooring you come into contact with. You no longer have to struggle against a rough surface and nor do you have to worry about the cart sliding on slippery surfaces.

Premium state-of-the-art casters are designed to swivel freely with a 360-degree range of motion, meaning absolute maneuverability. buy oxycodone 30mg online without any prescription, You no longer need to push and pull back your cart to get it into just the right place; casters respond swiftly, enabling you to get your cart into place and take care of patients.

When it comes to achieving superior medical cart performance, the best place to start is at the bottom with a quality set of casters. Proven to benefit the patient and medical professional experience, streamlined, secure, load-bearing casters are a must-have feature on the modern hospital cart.

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