Medical Cart Computers

The widespread adoption of medical cart computers and medical tablets has become crucial in the healthcare industry. They perform an important role in telemedicine which is the remote delivery of healthcare services to patients.

This healthcare approach allows medical professionals to diagnose, consult, and prescribe treatments without the need for physical proximity or contact.

One of the primary methods is real-time videoconferencing, where the healthcare professional uses a medical tablet or medical computer cart to deliver remote care to a patient. In some cases, the patient may use a portal to upload information, such as images or documents, for the doctor to examine later.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals need access to technology to read, document, and track the patient’s medical records.

Why Telemedicine?

There are a variety of reasons that telemedicine may be used to provide several different kinds of healthcare. These include the following:

Remote location

If the patient lives in a rural environment far from the nearest medical facility, it may be more convenient and cost-effective to consult with a doctor using telemedicine.

Limited mobility

Some patients are unable to travel due to a lack of transportation options or physical disability. Patients undergoing physical therapy can also work with their therapist remotely.

Screening/patient monitoring

Telemedicine can allow doctors to screen patients who have or are suspected of having a highly infectious disease. This avoids accidental exposure of hospital workers and occupants by contagious patients.

Monitoring remotely allows healthcare professionals to secure basic metabolic data remotely as frequently as required, avoiding unnecessary travel and expense.

Mobile Computer Carts

Unlike wall-mounted solutions, mobile computer carts are designed to enable you and your colleagues to move the computer and associated equipment where it needs to be at the time. If you need a specific configuration or design, consider consulting a manufacturer regarding custom options.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Sanitation is essential in any medical facility, but when video-conferencing with a patient inside the hospital, the cart must be designed to be easily sanitized by hospital personnel.

The computer should have an antimicrobial coating. Commercial-grade computer systems and tablets don’t, which is why you should choose medical-grade options. These high-performance systems allow you to more effectively clean work surfaces because the special coating inhibits bacteria and other microorganisms’ growth.


When a doctor consults or examines a patient remotely, it is critical they have a high-resolution monitor, whether as a computer or touch-screen tablet, that can render high-definition images. The doctor must be able to see the patient with clarity to perform a proper examination, especially when there are external signs of disease or injury.

Medical Device Peripherals

You should consider choosing a cart equipped with, or that can be fitted with peripheral and medical devices, such as vital-sign monitors, digital stethoscopes, wristband printers, etc. This will further increase your medical cart’s versatility and the range of services you can provide.

Hot-Swappable Batteries

Hot-Swappable Batteries

When video-conferencing with a patient using a mobile medical cart, the use of batteries that you can swap without powering the system down is beneficial to the continued, uninterrupted delivery of healthcare services. This means your workstation on wheels remains up and running.

Height Adjustability

Mobile medical carts that allow you to adjust the frame’s height and monitor to accommodate personnel of different heights, enabling them to work more comfortably. In the fast-paced and often hectic environment of the modern hospital, anything that avoids discomfort is valuable.

The Bottom Line

At Scott-Clark Medical, we understand that telemedicine has become a vital part of healthcare services delivery. As a result, we’re committed to working with you and your colleagues to choose the best kind of medical cart for video-conferencing with patients.

If you’d like to discuss medical carts and other technology that would help you render the best care that you can remotely, contact us to discuss your options and request a quote.

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