Each type of medical facility has its own needs dependent on the kind of patients they receive on a normal basis. Medical supply carts are a staple for improving care and reducing risks, but there are certain personalization factors are necessary. Depending on how many items need to be stored inside rolling medical supply carts, certain models may be better suited for a particular environment.

Medical supply carts

Before senior care facilities start to look for new medical supply carts, they should first determine which objects need to be stored within the cart’s drawers. This could greatly impact the kind of medical cart that would best suit the facility and all of its needs. For a senior living facility, there are a number of objects and care items that need to be stored in the medical cart in addition to standard objects like gloves and disposable aprons.

Incontinence supplies

Keeping incontinence supplies on hand could help keep potential messes and patient discomfort to a minimum. Always have latex-free gloves inside the medical carts to protect staff members from germs and bacteria while providing residents with diligent care.

At the very least, cleaning wipes and disinfectants, a supply of fresh incontinence pads or underpants, as well as new catheter bags, need to be placed in the cart. Being able to switch out these items at a moment’s notice will help to reduce the number of accidents happening across the facility.

If space allows, further equipment like replacement tubing can be included.

Cleaning supplies

Cleanliness is at utmost importance in every senior care facility. Having simple cleaning supplies on hand like disinfectant wipes allow staff to clean up small messes as they happen, leaving the facility cleaner and more suitable for elderly residents. Cleaning up spills also dramatically reduces the slip and fall risk, one of the leading reasons why an elder is injured in the United States.

In addition to general cleaning supplies, alcoholic gels or disinfectants must be in medical supply carts for staff to use to prevent spreading bacteria among residents.

First aid supplies

Accidents are never predictable. That’s why it is important to always have standard first aid supplies in medical supply carts at all times.

At the very least, carts should contain wound cleansers, healing ointments, and bandages for minor injuries. Quick access to first aid care could reduce the risk of the patient developing further complications from the injury.

medical supply carts

If space allows, further helpful first aid supplies like brush-on adhesives to protect small wounds and cuts from infection could be placed in the cart.

Standard diagnostic equipment

Senior living facilities also offer medical care, so standard diagnostic equipment is a medical cart must-have.

The absolute basics of diagnostic equipment include stethoscopes, penlights, tongue depressors, thermometers, otoscopes/ophthalmoscopes, and neurological hammers.

Due to the specific circumstances of senior care facilities and their residents, further diagnostic supplies such as blood sugar/ blood pressure monitoring systems and blood drawing kits should be found in medical carts as well.

Pain management supplies

Senior caregivers should always have immediate access to pain management supplies such as warm and cold packs, especially if residents are known to suffer from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.


Keeping a patient’s medication in a medical supply cart ready for room visits could help with efficiency levels. Instead of making multiple trips, or calling seniors to collect their medication, caregivers already have the medication on hand when they meet the resident.

Final Thoughts

Although these are great guidelines, each facility will have to do a reflection of the services they provide, and which tools and equipment are absolutely necessary. After you have outlined your specific needs, it can still be difficult to find a standard medical cart that fits all of your needs. Therefore, at Scott Clark Medical, we design custom medical carts to provide the perfect mobile storage solution. If your facility is in the market for a new medical cart, contact us at 512-756-7300.

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