If you have a career in the healthcare industry, then chances are you are aware of the revolution in medical and technological software and hardware over the last decade. Mandates by congress have demanded explicit and effective electronic record-keeping.

This has initiated the investments of healthcare institutions around the country in technology that allows for work processes to be streamlined and achieve compliance. Mobile medical carts and computer carts have been at the forefront of the revolution, allowing combined access to patient records and data at the point of care, as well as a reduction in the spread of infection and bacteria.

Mobile computer carts have outdone themselves by streamlining workflow and achieving electronic record keeping requirements. They are a valuable investment to hospitals and clinics alike.

Powered and Non-Powered Medical Carts

The options are vast and widely available when it comes to mobile medical and computer carts, and the market is ever-growing and evolving to meet providers’ needs. But how do you know which option is right for your institution? Education is key when it comes to making the best decision.

There are powered and non-powered carts available and each one has its pros and cons. While powered carts are becoming more popular among some healthcare facilities, non-powered carts still remain the preference of others

Powered Carts

The first and most obvious reason for the utilization of mobile computer carts in healthcare environments is the availability and ease of computer access. Powered computer carts are designed to allow the use of a medical-grade laptop in each room of your clinic while eliminating the need for a workstation in each of the individual rooms.

Powered carts provide ease of access to patient records and medication dispensing instructions at the point of care. In addition, some powered carts have locking drawer mechanisms for increased safety and security. Typically these carts come with adjustable height features allowing for a wide range of use by hospital staff.

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Non-Powered Carts

Non-Powered Medical carts are essentially the same as powered medical carts except they are typically on wheels and do not provide the same functionality of the powered cart.

They are more affordable and still have the capacity for customization but may take up more space in the patient rooms. The general consensus is that powered carts more readily offer ease of access to patient information and an all-in-one approach at the point of care.

In conclusion

At Scott-Clark Medical. We recognize and appreciate the need for customizable and efficient medical hardware. We offer a wide range of options in the field of medical computer carts and workstations as well as power sources. If you are in the market for an upgrade to your current applications, browse our products and contact us today with any questions.

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