Medical Laptop Carts

Medical facilities of all sizes may struggle to keep up with patient needs without the right tools. Although large equipment like CT scanners and X-ray machines are essential, small portable technology is also a critical part of the patient experience.

Physicians and nurses need the best mobile workstations possible to maximize their efficiency. This is especially important since excessive staff fatigue may contribute to turnover as they seek out better-equipped facilities or impact patient health outcomes due to human error.

Even if you already have electronics and carts, the battery systems in them may be lacking long-lasting power. Examine every part of your team’s carts to ensure they have highly versatile workstations for optimal patient care.

Battery Technologies

Most early high-capacity batteries were lead-acid batteries. These were bulky and heavy batteries that usually couldn’t last a full shift, let alone overtime if a nurse had to deal with an emergency. Medical practitioners were often left scrambling to keep their equipment running in the middle of an important task.

Lithium-ion batteries are advanced enough to provide computers and other electronics with power for a full shift or even longer. These are the same type of batteries used in laptops, but they can be scaled up to meet the needs of both printers and computers on the same cart. They are also lighter than older batteries, which reduces the physical strain placed on your staff.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we use Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) that gives you clear audio and visual indications of when batteries are low or fully charged. These batteries are strong enough for various uses inside hospitals, from medication carts with scanner systems to computer carts with dual monitors. They are incredibly reliable, and on the rare occasion that a problem occurs, their detailed screens can tell you precisely what the issue is.

Mobile Power Carts

Charging Solutions

A good portable power system should have two options for getting fresh power: inserting a new battery or plugging in with an AC power cord. Although fetching a new battery is convenient enough if a battery charging station is nearby, in some cases, staff may prefer plugging into an outlet because the cart happens to be right next to a wall.

Scott-Clark Medical power packages include the option to add a second battery slot, allowing batteries to be hot-swapped. This gives you the ability to continue using the computer and other onboard equipment without interrupting power. During critical procedures, power interruptions can result in inaccurate inventories or even omissions from patient records, so the hot-swap system is a crucial investment.

Retrofitting and Refurbishing

Improving old carts isn’t as simple as installing new parts. New parts that are heavier or lighter than the old ones may throw off the workstation’s balance, making it a safety hazard for your staff. Incorrectly installing new electronics or batteries could also result in damage later on.

Old workstations may also have improperly labeled equipment or parts, further compounding staff efforts to repair and maintain them. It’s best to hire professionals like the Scott-Clark Medical team to thoroughly repair and overhaul your existing equipment. We can work with you to establish a timeline for upgrading your carts in small groups, so your team is never left without equipment.

One of our most popular options is updating old battery systems to use our FMCPT system. However, we can do a more thorough refurbishment of old equipment as well, including replacing writing surfaces and casters.

Casters and Frames

The underlying frame and casters will ultimately decide how durable and useful your new equipment is.

Scott-Clark Medical uses a combination of stainless steel and aluminum parts for the bulk of each frame. This makes the structure strong while keeping the overall weight as low as possible. We use highly durable plastic in limited quantities when necessary to create specific shapes, but we avoid using plastic because it doesn’t resist cracks and scratches as well as metal.

The best mobile equipment has handles designed for both pushing and pulling, making it easier for your staff to maneuver them. Height-adjustable frames reduce neck and back strain by allowing individual team members to choose a monitor or writing surface height that works for them.

The casters on the bottom of each cart must turn and roll smoothly to make movement effortless. However, they must also lock into place when needed and resist sticking. This combination of needs requires careful engineering, and at Scott-Clark Medical, we have the experience necessary to make it happen.

Mobile Powered Workstation Solutions

Getting the right mobile workstations for your team requires some careful thought and planning. However, once you’ve assessed your team’s needs, it’s easy to source the correct equipment.

Scott-Clark Medical specializes in medical facility carts, including mobile computer and medication carts. We offer multiple battery systems options so you can invest in the right cart for every scenario. We also have a full selection of add-on accessories and parts like baskets, scanners, and mouse and keyboard trays so you can meet every staff member’s needs.

Our products are backed by a 5-year warranty because we know they’re made with high-quality materials and construction. Reach out to our team at (512) 756-7300 to find out more about our product line and the best options for your facility.

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