Laptop computer carts on wheels are an increasingly familiar sight in many healthcare facilities. However, not all mobile computer carts are equal, and it’s essential to consider each model’s features and benefits when purchasing the most efficient unit for your requirements.

While a standard cart layout may be ideal for a general ward, it wouldn’t be the best fit for a cardiac department. There is also a significant differentiation between the technology present between many cart models.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we supply mobile laptop computer carts using state-of-the-art engineering design combined with advanced technology.

Before you purchase your first or next mobile computer cart, there are several crucial factors to consider.

Laptop Computer Cart

Storage Space

A laptop computer cart enables your staff to spend more time on the ward treating patients, so there must be enough storage space for equipment and medications. Side baskets or a bottom shelf are useful for holding materials such as gloves, gowns, and masks, while biometric locking drawers are suitable for holding medications and sharps.

It’s possible to purchase dual-screen laptop carts that can accommodate two monitors if your medical team needs to simultaneously view multiple sources of information. There should also be plenty of room for vital signs monitoring equipment, which can be useful in various clinical scenarios.

By stocking your mobile cart with all the equipment required for a shift, your medical staff can significantly increase their efficiency.

Weight and Ergonomics

If a laptop cart is too heavy or not ergonomic, this can lead to staff becoming fatigued or finding it challenging to move the cart in smaller spaces. At Scott-Clark Medical, we use lightweight metals and plastic to ensure our units are durable but still easy to manipulate.

Because your medical staff can turn the carts 360 degrees, they can maneuver the unit into position beside the point of care. The agile design allows physicians and nurses to move rapidly throughout a ward without exerting excess energy.

Laptop Cart Accessories

Different specialties require customized mobile computer carts that meet specific demands. At Scott-Clark Medical, we’ve been working with medical facilities for two decades, designing carts to improve patient care standards.

We can provide mobile workstations for every department within a healthcare facility, ensuring staff has all the necessary medical equipment when needed. Many hospitals locate their mobile workstations at the entrance to emergency wards. When a patient requires urgent care, staff can quickly wheel the cart to the point of care.

Because they can access the patient notes from the computer, and all the devices and medications required are on the cart, they can immediately provide treatment.

Laptop Cart Accessories

Laptop Cart Power System

A mobile laptop cart is only beneficial when it is available for use on the ward. While some units have a relatively short battery life, at Scott-Clark Medical, we use our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) and hot-swap battery system to keep your cart operational at all times.

There is a charging unit on the cart, allowing users to keep one battery fully ready for use while the other powers the cart. There is no need to wait for an IT staff member to change the batteries, as our hot-swap system enables any team member to make the switch in less than 30 seconds.

Laptop Cart Future Proofing

When investing in a laptop computer cart, you need to be confident it can accommodate future technology to keep your medical team at the forefront of medical advancements. At Scott-Clark Medical, we can retrofit carts to ensure your staff can access the most effective mobile cart technology.

We also provide a full servicing package that keeps your unit in the best possible condition, ensuring it can provide many years of service.

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