hot swappable batteries

As mobile medical technology improves, medical facilities have embraced laptops and tablets. These devices have become both lighter and faster, allowing teams to access and update patient records to confirm vital information from anywhere in the hospital.

However, these devices’ batteries are not hot-swappable. Changing a laptop or tablet battery almost always requires you to fully power down your device, interrupting patient care. Fortunately, you can get lightweight computer carts with hot-swappable batteries to make it easier for your team to move around and stay connected.

Using a Hot-Swappable Battery Cart

With a hot-swappable battery cart, you can keep a power supply readily accessible at all times. Hot-swappable battery carts have two battery slots, so you can insert a fresh power unit before removing the drained one. The cart will automatically switch the power supply over to the new hot-swapped battery, maintaining power without disrupting your notebook and desktop computers.

These carts require minimal training to use and are easy for staff to use with their own laptop. Simply plug the notebook computer or tablet charger into the outlet on the cart and let the lithium-ion battery keep the notebook’s battery fully charged for a full shift.

Even if the cart’s battery dies before you replace it, the notebook can rely on its own battery for a few hours. However, this is unlikely to occur, as the cart’s battery has indicator lights and a screen to let you know when the power is getting low.

Hot-Swappable Battery Cart

Reliable Carts from Scott-Clark Medical

Not all medical carts are crafted with careful attention to ergonomics and other vital details. At Scott-Clark Medical, we put our medical industry experience to good use, crafting customized computer carts that balance your need for power, comfort, and functionality.

Our carts are height-adjustable and have multiple options for batteries, peripherals, keyboard trays, monitor mounts, and more. We pay attention to everything from each push handle’s height to the plastic we use in buckets and other attachments.

Our Flexible Mobile Cart Power Technology (FMCPT) provides stellar battery power that lasts for thousands of cycles without weighing down your staff. The batteries themselves are light enough to move quickly from their charging station to the cart for fast power for patient care.

Whether your staff use notebook computers every day or primarily use desktops and tablets, we create customized work surfaces for every member of your team. Contact us at (512) 756-7300 for a consultation on ways to make your facility more efficient with mobile medical carts.

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