Medical Carts with Drawers

Medical carts are an integral part of any hospital. Among other things, they store supplies and keep them within reach. Healthcare medication carts are just one type of medical cart.

What is a Medication Cart?

A medication cart is a special type of medical cart used to facilitate quick and precise administration of medication to patients. They store sensitive medicines and other supplies.

Medication carts vary in designs and use from hospital to hospital. Some are sophisticated while others are quite simple. Some have multiple drawers to store these medications while others use a single top shelf. However, it is always possible to optimize the design and layout of medication carts for hospitals.

Here are some tips for planning your cart use:

• Embrace Technology

Technology has found its way into almost everything. In medication carts, it is in the form of integrated computers and other systems.

A medication cart can benefit from an inbuilt computer considering its sensitive uses. Physicians spend significant time using medication carts. A mounted monitor and supporting appliances would come in handy for a variety of tasks such as logging and retrieving data, analyzing the data, and referencing. This will increase efficiency and speed.

At Scott-Clark Medical, we utilize the best technology in medical carts to cater to your needs.

• Include a Pull-Out Chair

Since physicians and other healthcare workers spend significant time using the medication carts, a chair always helps. The healthcare providers can sit occasionally while still attending to patients.

Designs vary, but it is possible to include a pullout chair without compromising on space and size.

• Enhance Security

Medication carts store a variety of medicines and other supplies. Should these medications fall into the wrong hands, then the results would be adverse and perhaps even fatal. Modern computerized medication carts go a long way in ensuring security. Some are operated using codes that are accessible only to the relevant persons. This helps prevents thefts.

You should apply the same extra security measures to other existing traditional medical carts. Fit these carts too with appropriate security measures to help protect patients and staff.

• Enhance Portability

Medication carts must be portable so that they can go wherever needed. It is important to ensure that medication carts are easy to operate, do so as silently as possible, and are stored in an easily accessible place.

This can be accomplished using special swivel wheels. The wheels turn easily without much effort from the operator. The cart size should also be manageable to make it easy to maneuver around the hospital corridors and patient rooms.

• Customize

Different hospitals have different needs. Customization should be a consideration because it offers better solutions to individual challenges. Some hospitals may require special computer systems while others may be looking for unique designs that fit the facility’s specific need.

Mobile Carts for Hospitals

Either way, customized medication carts for hospitals offer optimum service and flexibility. As one of the leading medical cart manufacturers, we at Scott-Clark Medical will design medication carts and customize them to suit all your needs.

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